A place of their own

Dylan: [00:11:00] Right, yeah. So we found a tiny, little, we would joke it was like a boutique parkour gym it was like 900 square feet, and we-

Craig: I love that thing, you walked in and it was like, “Oh, it’s got an L, it goes around the corner,” and when you filled it up with stuff it actually got bigger for some reason.

Dylan: Yeah, exactly, it is hilarious when we designed it the way you would design a ship or an airplane or something where there’s no wasted…it’s not just the dining room table, it’s also the bed, so we [00:11:30] tried to be really creative in use of the space and the interaction of the obstacles and I did love that gym. But it was hilarious when we did move recently, just January first we opened to our much bigger space, like four times the size. When we had gotten all the stuff out and I just looked at the… I just stood there alone in the room, I was like, “What crazy person thought he could do a parkour gym in this thing?” It was so little!

Craig: Wasn’t it some kind of art thing on the other side of the wall? Was there an art studio or a gallery-

Dylan: Right, that whole building was mostly artist spaces and stuff [00:12:00] like that, so it was like the size, the guy who had it before me was like a sculptor. It was just him alone and a wheel. There was enough room for that, and then I was like, “I could build a parkour gym, it will be fine.”

Craig: We’ll hang five sets of rings from the ceiling…

Dylan: Right, exactly. So I guess a couple years went by in that much smaller space, and at that point we started to… I guess we were doing something right because it was growing a lot, and a lot of interest. The buzz was starting to form and starting to reach that tipping point in the community where enough people knew about [00:12:30] us that when someone was interested in this type of thing, they would be like, “Oh, I know there is a thing like that around here, go check it out.” So we kind of grew to the point where we were like, “We’ve gotta get out of here-”

Craig: Bursting at the seams…

Dylan: Right, there’s too many people-

Craig: I can’t get in the door to get my bag down to turn right-

Meet the team

This project is attractive to me because I am able to take part in this epic feat of making and spreading pieces of parkour history. By preserving the words and experiences of the world’s top practitioners, and giving a platform for people of all backgrounds to share their journey, we’re able to provide an environment where movement enthusiasts can build relationships along the way. Movers Mindset is a truly amazing community to be part of.

~ Ruby – Archivist and movement researcher