An Alternative to Parkour Training

Craig: What’s the alternative from training? The alternative is-

Sebastien: Is practice and it’s more holistic way and doesn’t mean you don’t progress, but it’s more like for me training is hard, is not funny. Even with passion you can go through [00:25:30] it, but when it’s finished, you’re happy, when it’s finished because you achieved the goal.

Craig: Training has sacrifice, training has risk.

Sebastien: Practices is nicer. Is like with fun, it’s playfulness.

Craig: We’re not saying that practice isn’t physically grueling. Practice should be grueling. It should be physically challenging, mentally challenging. It’s the intention.

Sebastien: Yes, absolutely. But you’re not damaging your body because also, as I say, even I watched traditional sport. Yesterday I was watching the playoff, you can see. [00:26:00] I can watch, I can absolutely watch competition and everything, but I’m educated so my body, I respect it. I’m not doing that because I know after 30 years, 40 years, it’s over and I love moving. My body is my vehicle. I always say that. Your life as a road, you’re feeling as a guide your body as a vehicle. That’s that’s the ethos. That’s that’s my teaching, that’s my legacy and that’s what I live.

Even everything I say, it’s not about [00:26:30] try to argue with anyone. This is what I share is my journey is like this is where I am now. If people will need to understand, “Oh my God, you make a difference between practice and training, so when do you train.” When I had the opportunity of being in James Bond movie, trust me, I was training myself for that because I knew it will be so unbalanced the amount of work they will ask me to do. I need to prepare my body for that.

Craig: And perform on the spot, ready, go.

Sebastien: Yeah. Now there is nothing, so it’s like [00:27:00] the sword of Samurai’s like I’m not taking off every single time. I know is sharpen a little bit, now take care of it, is there ready to cut if they have to cut. But most of the time I see the curve. I try to make a nice curve instead of like really abrupt. Instead of a curve of, yeah, explain. Sorry,

Craig: Sebastian is waving his hands, drawing down. That doesn’t work in audio. You’re talking about the lines and sharp changes [00:27:30] and physical stress.

Sebastien: Yeah. Because everything is for me, that’s what I say, again, educating in energy. You need to understand everything is cycle and everything has a beginning and end. Probably not. But that’s something, you know after you’re passed away. That something we don’t need to worry yet because we’re in a lifetime here. For the moment so far there is up and down and you can see it in traditional sports. Now it’s this curve of, [00:28:00] I knew nothing and I’m in the peak of my performance to now I retire now is finish.

How can I stretch it so I can hold as long as possible and I can move? If you’re someone who like moving, I can move and I don’t have back problem, knees problem and so on and so on. When I start to understand that, because after I did the nine months working in the highest level, like it was three months in a James Bond movie, then I go straight to a six months touring with Madonna . [00:28:30] My body was completely crushed and I was crushed physically, mentally.

See, so I need to go back to that and then my discipline was even stronger because I start to embark into a journey of, “Okay, now I’m gonna take care of myself.” That’s where I am now. It’s like I talk about energy. It’s like I know now it’s cycle. I know everything. That’s why I come up with the seasonality. I say, you know what, [00:29:00] is spring and you can feel when it’s spring. As soon as you see like you can hear the birds, your entire body react to that.

You’re so happy, it’s going back. Then after you got summer time and it’s yay. That’s where you want to express yourself. That’s why call it expressing summer. Then after I call it smooth autumn because now the leaves start to fall and everything. That’s why I say usually we keep moving.

Craig: Lower impact and longer periods during the frequencies of wavelengths, the periodicity goes down and things get smoother.

Sebastien: You’ve [00:29:30] got three months, three months is very good for the tendon to recover. Very, very good. Then you can switch to it. It doesn’t mean you stop practice like Bruce Lee say, running water never grows stale. For me it’s like, “Oh, do I have to stop? Maybe not.” I’m still in experimenting phase. Everything I say is not like written in the marble.

Craig: Written in stone.

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