What is Movers Mindset?

When we renamed this project “Movers Mindset” in early 2018, it was after a long, honest look at our first two years of work. We realized a critical problem was that we didn’t understand fully what we were doing. What is this project about? What sorts of questions are we exploring? If we were confused, it’s no wonder no one else understood.

So, what is Movers Mindset?

Movers Mindset is a project that examines the nature and philosophy of movement. We deliberately avoid the flashy, superficial aspects of movement, focusing instead on the journey of self-improvement and its underlying motivations. We explore themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence through podcasts, website content, and a community of like-minded people we call the Movers Mindset Insiders.

Interested? Join us!

What’s new

This project has a new name: Movers Mindset.

After months of thought and preparation, we’re relaunching with a new name. We’ve kept everything we felt is useful, and added a few new bits. In the coming weeks, with posts like this one, I will unpack some of the changes.

When someone takes the time to personally connect — takes the time to talk, to put their phone down, to reach out “out of the blue”, to arrange for a shared meal, to ask ‘How are you?’ as an invitation to shared understanding — those are people and interactions with real value.

So here’s my promise when we publish content, or when I appear in your ears:

The podcasts I’m creating, and the things we’re publishing, will have real value. They will be useful to you. They will make you think, or make you see, or make you feel. They will inspire you, or help you understand, or lead you to new questions.

Questions? Suggestions? …there’s a form on the About page.

What are you doing?

If you’ve ever played (or trained) in public, someone has asked you this question.

I’m not talking about the strange birds who shout things like, “Can you do a back flip?!” or “Get down from there!”. And I’m not talking about the alligators who get mad or try to chase you away.

I’m talking about the average, every-day people who notice what you are doing, and are genuinely interested in what you are doing.

How do you answer their question, “What are you doing?”

Posts which are part of the “What are you doing?” project are all tagged with What are you doing?

Role reversal: You spoke, we listened

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback (most of it positive, thank you for that!) but some of it has been constructive criticism about the layout of the web site and it’s navigation.

We’ve made several changes this morning that we hope will address the most common issues we heard…

Of the three main ways that the site content is organized — by question, by person, and by podcast — it turns out that “by question” is the least useful. (Posts are still tagged, so you can still go through the posts that way.) Instead, we’ve arranged the Highlights, Podcasts and People as links in the top-left navigation menu.

The About item has been expanded to include a sub-menu of choices making it easier to find information on some basic topics, and we’ve exposed the Blog posts. This site — this entire project — is not a blog; It is a collection of writing, contributions and podcasts. But many people have been asking for more “behind the scense” information. So, here it is. 🙂

Story time!

I would like to pry you away from your training (just for a little bit, I promise) and coax you towards your keyboard.

As you might imagine, I’ve talked to a TON of people about this project. To my delight, everyone wants to write something… but then they pause, usually because they’re not sure what they should write about. Some poeple have started writing, only to give up thinking their writing isn’t good enough.

Alas! Everyone is too hard on themselves! If only I could coax you out of your shell just a wee bit. I know you are passionate, so TELL ME A STORY!

I want you to write a story about a really awesome (or scary, fun, invigorating, enlightening) experience you had training. A sentence, a paragraph, 50 pages. Anything. Write about a gorgeous day, the first time you stuck a kong-pre/cat-pass, your first class, that time your mom tried it, that one time at that jam, sleeping under the stars on a jetty. ANYTHING.

So, was that a story that just flashed through your mind? Care to share it? Send it in!

There is a Contributors’ FAQ: https://moversmindset.com/cfaq
And you can submit writing via the form on the About page: https://moversmindset.com/about

Once I’ve collected a bunch of them, we’ll publish them one-a-day as a series. Future readers will be able to read through all the stories as a connected thread within the larger project.

Posts which are part of the “Story time!” project are all tagged with Is there a story you would like to share?

Hello world

Today I started spreading the word about this project. We had been talking with a few people to get some initial feedback and to iron out wrinkles. But, we think we are now as ready as we are going to be!

Be sure to check the About page where you’ll find information on how to contribute your own answers. Everyone is invited to contribute and it’s easy!

~ Craig