Competition exists

Frosti: , I think the first thing that USPK does, which is really important is that it acknowledges that competition exists. It’s not going away. It’s happening, and it’s only going to happen more. From a personal standpoint, my attitude has always been, let’s get involved and see what we can do to make this the best it can be possible. I think I also recognize that people in this sport right now have such varied ideas about how we should integrate ourselves into that world. Right now, our attitude is, “Lets listen to people. What do they want to do?” We’re building a committee right now, I’m in charge of putting together some of the top voices in the sport, not just that support competition, but that have that huge spectrum of values that are represented within this community.

Frosti: Everyone who’s believing that we should never compete because it destroys the fabric of what parkour is, to the people that think it’s necessary for us to actually advance the sport because this is what competition is for, to develop better techniques, better training opportunities, finding ways to push people to the pinnacles of their abilities. I think both have some valid say in what we do, and I think parkour is gonna end up being a culmination of all of those ideas. And our ways that we find to pay respect to the sport, while also helping it grow into areas that it’s naturally going, are going to be really vital for us to be involved in, while also not trying to own or control it.

Frosti: The outside world is coming for this sport. They see its value, and they want in. There’s no way to deny that. We can see that every single day. I truly believe it is up to the people that care about where it goes, especially those people who avidly think that that’s a terrible idea to be involved in the conversation about competition. Because otherwise, it’s going to be someone else’s conversation and we’re going to be left out.

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