025. Craig Constantine: Full transcript

Speaker 1: Welcome to the Movers Mindset podcast. These are the public episodes, but do you want to hear more? Become an insider for access to extended guest conversations, follow-up episodes with your questions, and other deep dives. Visit moversmindset.com/insiders. Thanks for listening.

Kristen: Hello, I’m Kristen Swantek.

Craig: And I’m Craig Constantine.

Kristen: And this is Movers Mindset. [00:00:30] This week, you might notice the episode is a little different. I’m sitting down to interview Craig. You know him as the host of the podcast, but Craig is also the mastermind behind the scenes. We’re talking everything Movers Mindset, how it started, where it’s going, and what the vision is. In a reversal of roles, welcome, Craig.

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025. Craig Constantine: Podcast origin, Movers Mindset past, present, and future

025. Craig Constantine: Podcast origin, Movers Mindset past, present, and future

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In a reversal of roles, this episode features Craig as the guest, interviewed by Movers Mindset’s production manager, Kristen. They discuss all things related to the podcast, from its origin, how we got to where we are, and the unseen difficulty involved in “just making a podcast.” Craig opens up about why he chose to make a podcast, what it means to him, and where he hopes to take it. 

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Meet the team: Kristen

I love the Movers Mindset project because it gives me the opportunity to connect with movers from all over the globe, and interact with people I would never have gotten a chance to meet otherwise. I think the project is very unique in that way; it uses the resources each of us has and gives us a platform to connect on a deeper level.

~ Kristen – Project manager