From practitioner to facilitator

Craig: How did you get from the doer to the facilitator? So in the beginning, I don’t think that you had visions of becoming a parkour community leader, that you were just following your own path, and parkour was the path that you were taking. So, how did that turn into … Obviously you don’t do everything yourself, but how did that turn into you being one of the key people [00:01:30] who keeps the community moving forward and focused on what it is doing? How did you get from-

Jesse: Well, a big thing for me … I mentioned before the interview that I’ve been running experiments on myself since I was 12. One of the experiments was, “Okay, what happens if you set a time, say 6:30 to 8:30 every Tuesday, you’re going to go out and train? You’re going to do it the same time every week. Let’s see what happens.”

[00:02:00] The first thing that happened is it’s kind of rough to keep the schedule. I don’t even know if it’s helpful.

Craig: Oh no, it’s raining, right?

Jesse: Oh no, it’s raining, oh it’s getting cold, it’s winter. Nobody wants to come out.

Craig: Now I’m by myself.

Jesse: Now I’m by myself. But then what you start to notice is, after I train, I feel better. I feel better for like two days after that, too. So I could just do a few sessions of these a week, and [00:02:30] that would coast me on my feelings. Maybe not get me towards my ambitious goals, but it would help mentally regulate me. And that was hugely powerful.

And this just became this dedication to myself to go out and to train, and my promise to myself every Tuesday is to go out and get the training that I need, whatever that looks like. [00:03:00] Maybe I did a lot of jumping that week and I need to do some kind of recovery, like, I’m going to do that there. And listening to a friend of mine, he said, “If you’re truly connected with how you can heal yourself, then you can heal others.”

Craig: So the Movement Creative, depending on who I think I would talk to, they would have completely different opinions of what MC really is. Is it a business or is this organic creation? And I think in reality, it grew out of, [00:03:30] it became, structurally, legally, organizationally, it became just simply what it needed to become in order to do what you guys wanted to do with it. And I think there’s some really complex philosophical points maybe, that people in the United States need to unpack that are related to business versus the goal of the business.

If you create a business, are you creating a tool [00:04:00] because you need screwdriver to solve a problem, or are you creating a tool because you think the tool would be cool. And I think that’s really a subtle point, and maybe I’m wrong, everybody thinks that’s obvious, but I think that’s a subtle point that a lot of people miss. And they tend to throw the baby, the business, out with the bathwater. And they go, “Well, this particular business didn’t work well.” So they throw all business out, throw all businesses under the bus.

And my question for you specifically, since that was rambling, my question for you specifically is how [00:04:30] do you figure out what to do next when you need to put on your business hat? Or do you not have a business hat, and you just, you know, shoot from the hip all the time?

Jesse: Well, my biggest defining guidance is not to do anything offensive to my soul. I’ve done plenty of things that were offensive to my soul.

Craig: Name two. No, I’m kidding.

Jesse: But that’s [00:05:00] what is guiding me. I don’t think the Movement Creative has to succeed, I don’t think I have to succeed, I don’t think I have to make money, I don’t think I have to eat, I don’t have to breathe or be alive. I’m here on purpose, I want to be here, I want to share this, I want to eat, I want to enjoy life, I want to bring this out into the world. And coming from that core of, “This is a decision. There’s a million things I could do to make money.” This [00:05:30] has to be because I want to share this thing.

And if i want to share this thing, how can I share it in a way I totally agree with? And if it’s not working, then I need to look at myself and figure out what I need to learn or understand better, or even that relationship to business being a tool to help something come to be. That’s still something I’m working on.

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