Importance of build standards and safety

Craig: So, since I’m talking to you and you’re used to building things and constructing and designing spaces, I think the place to start is the recent, I’m gonna say, gym collapse, it wasn’t the entire gym, it was a balcony. But the recent gym collapse that happened out in California and I want to get your thoughts on that, because I know you have some strong opinions and some people have had negative things to say about your strong opinions.

Andy: Constantly, yeah. So, I spend a lot of time focusing on [00:19:00] helping small … Like people that are trying to build a gym come to me and say, “Hey, you know how to build a gym, let’s build a gym”. Some people have money, so they’ll come to me and say, “Hey, I want to give you lots of dollars to design my gym, show me everything”. And then some people don’t have any dollars and I still try to help them. I don’t sit down and design their whole gym, but I’ll guide them through the process. So, I’m pretty familiar with starting from nothing and then having a nice space at the end, okay? From that point [00:19:30] of view, I fully understand that corners are cut and that corners are cut everywhere all the time in every business that’s grown.

Craig: Yeah, not just in parkour spaces.

Andy: Everything, all the time. And specifically with the parkour spaces, it’s not … “Don’t cut corners, because you have to in order to open”. It’s, “What corners can you cut”? And the corners that says, [00:20:00] like you say, “Alright, I’ve got $10,000 dollars to spend on this little section, how much … What am I going to put there”? Well, you say, “I’ve got this grand dream, I want these shapes and I want this thing here and I want that thing there”, and if you don’t have the dollars to build that …

Craig: The full vision?

Andy: Yeah, to build that right. To build it so that it’s hurricane proof, if it can’t take the weight then you need to, in that section, just [00:20:30] build less. And then in the future you get more money and then you build more in that space to fill out to your dream. But you just … Instead of building 15 boxes, you end up only being able to build three, because that’s the amount of money that you have for that space. You don’t then build 15 boxes, but build them with less material or build them shoddy.

Craig: Right.

Andy: And I’ve seen a lot of people that say, “Pressboard or particle board”, it’s big chunks [00:21:00] of sawdust where they just kind of glue it together, whenever you go to Home Depot or something, you see that stuff. You hit it with your hand it’s strong-

Craig: Yeah, it’s significantly less expensive …

Andy: Yeah.

Craig: However, it is not mechanically … It’s not a mechanical structure.

Andy: Yeah, it’s not something that can deal with our repeated impact, it just … It doesn’t work. It’s not something that should be made for anything in my opinion. And there’s a lot of other opinions and that’s something that a lot of people that don’t build can look [00:21:30] at and they can relate to that. Like, I can say, “Well, you have to have a certain … Like, don’t build a structure that’s high up, that’s got this square footage with 2 x 4’s, you have to use 2 x 6’s or 2 x 12’s.”

Craig: Right.

Andy: And then I start getting … talking more technical that people may not know, but everyone can kind of relate to that pressboard stuff. So, watching … This was something where they had obviously cut the wrong corners and-

Craig: I think the situation there, from what I read, it [00:22:00] was more complicated, because I think it’s a multi-use space and the parkour gym may not have actually built that particular structure, I’m not sure. They may have built it, they may not have. But that was clearly something that they needed someone who had a learned eye to look at that and go, “Wait a second, that’s … We didn’t build it, but that’s not going to be good enough for 20 kids”.

Andy: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, if it’s in their space at all, as soon as you … And nobody really knows a lot of this stuff, because it’s business, you know? And we’re not business people that want to open a gym, if you have business, [00:22:30] you’re going to open something that makes money, not a parkour gym.

Craig: It’s the exact opposite of successful, right?

Andy: Yeah. So, then you go in and you’re passionate about the sport and you want to make something amazing happen and you don’t know that you’ve got to call these specific inspectors for these things. There isn’t a guiding … There’s nothing … There’s not groups that just guide you through this entire process. And though there are, in some areas, there’s places that you can call and find … But [00:23:00] you don’t even know how to find those groups.

Craig: Right.

Andy: Like in Orlando, there was a place called SCORE and I think that it is … It’s a government led thing that just has professionals together and it might be-

Craig: Just pick up the phone and call them and say, “I’m trying to build a café”, and they say, “You need to talk to this guy”.

Andy: Yeah, and they’ll tell you, “You got to look at this, you got to look at this, you got to look at this”, and if you know to look at those things and you don’t, you’re negligent and you sir … Harsh words to say about that, but if you … But most of these people just don’t know [00:23:30] to look at these things. They’re trying to cross their t’s and dot their i’s, but they don’t know.

So, if it’s in their space, then they’re responsible for it, because even if all legal repercussions, they get out of this lawsuit and they end up having to sue the building, not the parkour people, because it’s not technically … I mean, they’re business is gone, they’re done- You know what I mean? And that looks poorly on the rest of us, just because the news … The media got a hold of it.

Craig: Oh, yeah, the news [00:24:00] jumped on it.

Andy: Yeah.

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