Maturity System

Craig: Yes. Let’s talk about that. Some people who are listening, I’m betting, people are listening going, this is not at all what I expected you to be saying. I expect you to be talking, insert history. I find this resonates with me. I understand what you’re talking about. It makes sense to me and I know that there are people that it doesn’t resonate with. What’s going on there? Why are there some people that what you’re saying is like, “Well, that’s excellent. I need to go think about that more.” Other people are like, “What are you talking about?”

Sebastien: It’s because they’re not in demand for that. As I said there is the maturity level, [00:33:00] it doesn’t mean they’re immature. This is just where they are. It’s like a journey to become from the caterpillar to butterfly. In maturity system as I said, there is age of roots, age of fire, age of water, age of air. In between, as I say you wave and someone who’s age fire is in demand for something very particular. Someone is age of water like me is in demand for something very particular. Water talk with water, it resonate. [00:33:30] Water talk with fire,-

Craig: Probably not.

Sebastien: … probably not. Fire speak with fire. Someone I will say like it’s a phase. I used to be fire. I used to be roots. I need to because roots is like I try to understand what I’m doing. I have no idea what it is and seeking for knowledge. Age of fire, it’s like, okay, I got it. Get out of my way. Let me show you.

Craig: I have things to do. [00:34:00] Let’s go.

Sebastien: I am the one. This is kind of like this, it’s a bit caricature but this is it. Then age of water say you know what? Okay, I’ve done it for a long time. I’ve had my bruise and everything. I need to understand why I’m doing that. Then that’s where also you read more, you listen more, you’re more sensitive, you’ve got so much experience, so much. That’s what I say the stuff I say now resonate to only those who are available for that. Age of air, [00:34:30] as I say, it’s where is the let it go.

It’s just like, now I know. I won’t be here forever. It’s a fact. I can fee it. My stamina maybe is lower. My performance is lower, everything and I accept it. They don’t take part into any battle. They can make some suggestion, but they don’t take part of anything because they know is futile. That’s why it’s very linked with the meditation. Now it’s I think I always say that this is where you start to enter [00:35:00] to the other world, I would say. The stuff we don’t know, the stuff like from religion or non-religious people. It’s like you still have as an intuition, you there is something. You know and everyone can argue for hours and hours but say, no worries. You’ll sooner or later-

Craig: You will know.

Sebastien: We hope later, but you will get it. That’s where the art of let it go, that’s okay. I’ve done all my journey, long journey and now I enter to this world, [00:35:30] I start to have more wisdom. But some of the people are old but they have no wisdom. But anyway, but that’s the way.

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