On corrective exercise

Craig: Is there anything else that you want to share that you want to talk about related to training or…

Jean: Yeah, so in my younger days it was like let’s go as hard as you can. How many pull ups can I do and how many push ups can I do and more is better. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized too, I’ve become a corrective exercise specialist that our daily living is really causing a lot of problems with our bodies and until we fix those we really can’t safely be doing those other activities, especially as we get older. So I want to say at this point 70% of my workout is probably mobility and prehab type things. And then 30% is go out. All heart as hard as you can. But it’s all in moderation.

Jean: But I do feel a lot stronger now than I did 10 years ago. I can do more pull ups, I can… and there are better form than they were.