On crypto-currency

Ryan: Bryan Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase had some quote recently, or last year sometime that is like, “The majority of people are actually aren’t actually going to buy crypto, they’re going to earn their first crypto through there’s all these different websites and apps and stuff that like, people don’t realize that all this stuff already exists or is like about to be here. And if you’re the early adopter, not only is that like fun and interesting and cool, and you get to teach your friends and parents and stuff.

Ryan: But if you were to just … who knows what’s going to happen, but if the more you learn about this, for most people, the more confident they get that if invest in it, or earn it or hold on to it. For five, 10 years, it’s going to be significantly more valuable than it is now. And we’re potentially looking at one of the biggest wealth transfers in the history of humankind. And I want to see the young people in Parkour, like young people in general or all people, like the younger people are going to be a little more willing to-

Craig: Yeah, dig into that. Figure it out.

Ryan: Dig into it, take the risk, if you want to call it a risk.

Craig: Yes, it took me four hours yesterday, but I don’t know it’s worth it, to find out.

Ryan: Yeah. So we put up this Parkour bounty one and we’re going to try more, we’re going to try to open it up to things that aren’t location specific. So anyone in the Parkour community internationally could take part. And my goal is, we only got four submissions on the last one. And we said we give away or pick five winners.

Craig: Yeah, five.. We stuck in there and the contracts because you can’t execute it.

Ryan: I’m a little bit disappointed. We’re basically trying to give people money. I don’t think a lot of people fully understand that yet. But I’m going to keep trying. I know like that’s how it goes with Parkour, I keep explaining I just had to be patient, I said over and over again. We’re going to keep trying more, try to open it up internationally. And if we can have more success. I think that there’s some exciting opportunities, actually Boulder is kind of a hub for blockchain development. I know a couple of the experts around here I’m talking with bounties.network they’re based in New York. I’ve have started to just kind of like I put myself out there-

Craig: And the more you try and help people then you become known as somebody who’s helpful and also knowledgeable.

Ryan: So if we can keep doing that, I think people in Parkour specifically are also going to start realizing oh, there’s like a lot of interesting parallels. Like the reason I love Parkour, now that I learned more about crypto is like now I love crypto because of the same reason. So for example, Parkour and Crypto are both decentralized. There are centralized kind of organizations in Parkour, but nobody really controls it. And I think that’s One really cool thing about Parkour, it grew up on the internet, everyone kind of like when I first started, I was just downloading stuff on my dial up modem in my parents basement, overnight, watch it the next day. And then it was up to me to like, teach myself.

Craig: And create from there.

Ryan: So I kind of developed my own version of Parkour. No disrespect to the founders or anything, but I couldn’t access that. So everywhere around the world started to develop their own version. And there’s definitely a lot of cross pollination, but for the most part, it is decentralized. Also, it’s kind of borderless, its global, as its crypto. I think a lot of people in Parkour love to travel, they don’t necessarily like the idea that you could be prevented from leaving your country or not entering another country.

Craig: Not allowed to what?

Ryan: We don’t want anyone to say you can’t go over that wall. You can’t go over that rail, let alone that border or that country. So it’s decentralized. Permissionless is another thing. Anyone can use crypto, all you need is a smartphone, or some WiFi or laptop.

Craig: Yeah. It’s interesting. It’s permissionless but it’s also explicitly permission required, depending on what you mean, like permissionless nobody’s at the gate keeping you out of it. But as a user of it it’s explicitly permission only, nobody has access to your wallet. There’s no third party with their hand in there.

Craig: So that’s like a neat empowerment that you get from using both … I’m talking about Parkour and crypto. You get that neat empowerment because there’s no one at the gate who can also fleece you as you go through.

Ryan: Right. So yeah, I meant permission as in anyone can get into it fairly easily.

Craig: Right. No barrier for entry or no gatekeeper.

Ryan: So just using a smartphone and some WiFi to download your crypto wallet. And then you submit the next part Parkour bounty two.

Craig: And you have more money.

Ryan: You jut earned your first crypto right there. Similar to Parkour, if you really want to do Parkour or just walk outside and-

Craig: Jump on something.

Ryan: Go try something.

Ryan: And then to kind of wrap that thought of I’ve kind of want to run or I want to write some interesting blog posts about this. Because there’s one amazing blog that maybe we can drop a link in this description or something. They’re relating crypto to fungi, mushroom, mycelium. That’s a decentralized network, mushrooms are decentralized networks. And then it’s fascinating to learn about the parallels between crypto and mushrooms. And I think an article about the parallels of crypto and Parkour would be pretty interesting. So I kind of want to write some more on this.

Ryan: But to wrap up, just a quick comparison of why people in Parkour might want to pay a little more attention to crypto is I think a lot of people in Parkour love the idea of its kind of freedom of movement, you use your body and your movement and your skills to be able to kind of do anything, go anywhere, overcome any object or obstacle. In crypto, it’s essentially trying to build freedom of finance. So no longer do you have banks or governments or whatever, telling you how to manage your money and what your inflation rate or APR this or that-

Craig: Right, you’re the rules.

Ryan: Now all of a sudden we get to kind of not do whatever we want with our money, but we have far more freedom of our money and managing it. So I think in Parkour a lot of people just love this idea of freedom in general. And whether that’s freedom of movement, freedom of finance, freedom of I think entrepreneurship is kind of like freedom to create your own schedule, work for yourself.