On establishing build standards

Craig: So, obviously it’s basic knowledge that you should have to meet local codes and government codes and construction codes, but there’s … In terms of a parkour gym, there’s way more than that. It’s not just, “Is this facility safe for large numbers of people” and “Does it have the bathrooms that code requires”. There’s also questions like, “Is this box gonna fall over”, “How strong is this scaffolding” and how we get to a point where people [00:06:30] know where to go for that?

Andy: Well, the thing that’s nuts whenever you try to set up a gym, is that we … The world is crazy. So, if you go in and you try to get inspected, then the inspector decides what boxes you fall under, right? So, there is no box for parkour. So, whenever you go in and you say, “Hey, I want to build this parkour gym”, they say, “Well, what is it”, you describe it and in their mind they hear cheerleading. They’re like, “So, then you’re a cheerleading [00:07:00] gym, so you have to meet cheerleading standards”. So, how you design and build that gym from then on will fail or pass based on those standards. And the next guy might say that you’re gymnastics and the next guy might say that you’re a bouncy house-

Craig: Public catering right, like what a church would be.

Andy: Yeah, who knows. They could just pick some random thing and say you’ve got to meet these ridiculous outlandish standards. They might say that, “Any box that’s eight feet tall has to have a hand rail around it”.

Craig: Exactly. [00:07:26]

Andy: You know? Because people might jump off of that, so then you will then [00:07:30] have to design your entire gym at seven foot six, so that then no one can … We don’t have to put hand rails around our boxes.

Craig: Those eight foot heights, right.

Andy: Yeah, so then finding that kind of stuff out is … It’s really hard and complicated and what we really need is, we need people that are knowledgeable about parkour to get together and put out a good basic set of standards that are … That no matter what you do, where [00:08:00] you put these things, if you have pressboard your gym shouldn’t be together-

Craig: Yeah, pressboard’s not-

Andy: If you’re using eighth inch dry wall screws or something like that, like-

Craig: The structural components, right?

Andy: You know what I mean? There’s a ton of things that you just … We need to meet these standards. And from there we need to get the government to pass that and get the code to do it or we need-

Craig: Well, I think there’s a lot of-There’s a lot of neat things like, when you look at how decks are built. There’s a lot of structural components of deck building [00:08:30] that we go, “Well, this is where we got … This is why we’re saying, use this kind of screw, because it’s from this”. But we can bring together all of those disparate pieces, “This is why we have bars here, but not railings there”. And then that … It actually isn’t new material, but it would then present it in a cohesive fashion and then the dream would be that it would be included in the actual building codes, so that the inspectors would know what they’re looking at.

Andy: Yeah, and that’s really scary for a lot of people. So, a lot of people say, “Oh, you’re going to come in and tell me that I have to build my gym and design it this way”, [00:09:00] you know? And now all the gyms are going to be cookie cutter and look like this. And instead … It depends really on how you do it. You can say that, “If this is a thing that’s going to be load bearing, then it has to have this amount of support”.

You know? And that doesn’t impede on your design. That just says that, “You can build what you want, but you have to build it this way”. Now, getting the government to enforce this is cool. But there’s another [00:09:30] way to do it, I think? You could also just … I think that with gymnastics what they do is that they say, “If you’re going to have a gymnastics gym, you have to have this label”, right? And this label means that you’re a bonafide gymnastics gym. And you can’t get that label unless you pass this inspection. So, it’s not actually government enforcing it. So, there’s ways to do this where the eggheads of construction and parkour can get together-

Craig: Right, and cook up the recipe [00:10:00] that gives everybody else the design parameters.

Andy: Yeah, which doesn’t limit your parkour vision.

Craig: Right.

Andy: But that just keeps us safe, because that’s a big thing here.

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