On Freerunning

Craig: When [00:03:00] you say freerunning became something else, do you mean that it became something else for you or do you mean that you found it had a life of its own that other people were expanding it and like-

Sebastien: Yeah, absolutely. It becomes something else because it’s been taken by other people and despite me as a founder, I was still here and I’m still alive and people just decide, you know what, this is what freerunning is about. If you look at the video and everything, freerunning is [00:03:30] people using flip and tricks and that makes-

Craig: Videos that you see today.

Sebastien: Yeah. The videos you see today is literally showing the landscape and how now the practices is being done also.

Craig: If I understand correctly, for you freerunning was literally your way of expressing yourself. You had a thing that was close to your heart, which you would consider Parkour with a k that you would consider you still hold true. But freerunning is something slightly [00:04:00] different from that.

Sebastien: For me to be honest, the word Parkour, freerunning, ADD is part of, as I say now it’s a global phenomenon. It’s people practice it. But I was more on a personal journey and freerunning is just one aspect at a part of a time. That’s what I can say about this is just like for me it’s almost like an empty shell. It’s [00:04:30] like you experiment, as an explorer you experience things. I knew I wanted to move away from Parkour because it’s legacy of David and I wanted to make sure that what I’m doing is coming from me and no one come claim anything from the stuff I discover and the stuff I bring.

Craig: Do you think anything when you see people do things under the label of freerunning, do you like assess that and say that’s not the way I would [00:05:00] do it or do you say you shouldn’t have a cork at the end of the line? That’s not freerunning ’cause you’re going to see so much of this thing that was your creation?

Sebastien: No. To be honest, when I see people doing freerunning, I don’t even look at it. For me where am I am now is beyond that. For me, it’s a physical activity and it’s organic. It grow by itself. I think a lot of people don’t understand that. It’s just [00:05:30] become huge and it’s just developed. I let people do what they have to do. As the coach I’m helping my student to grow as a person as well as coordination and like physically, but talking about freerunning for me is just like I don’t give any comment to other people.

Even I’ve got my own view on it is just like it is as it is. But the original idea of freerunning [00:06:00] was to move from one discipline to another discipline. Take what is useless and reject what is, no, take what is useful, sorry, and reject what is useless, like Bruce Lee says. That’s it because I’ve been inspired and I just explore. I just keep on going. I add things and I change and adjust. The purpose of it is liberation and self development.

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