On her discovery of parkour

Jean: So then when I discovered parkour, I thought when doing pull ups I’m doing all these really cool things that are really strong but let me do something with it. So it was really fun to take that and actually be useful like the whole parkour thing. Be strong to be useful. So now I was useful. I could do something fun and climb over walls and use my pull up strength and do things that are different than just doing a pull up.

Craig: I love that. That’s exactly the opposite way that a lot of people who get into parkour they come to parkour for the spectacle or for the interest in being able to move in play and then they realize, “Oh, I can’t do all these things.” Then they have to go get physically strong. I love that you have this wicked machinery and you’re like, “What can I do with?” “Oh, parkour!”

Craig: That’s not where I think most people would go with it. Was there something about parkour that was different from other movements that you’ve tried before? I know you’re a snowboard instructor and a ski instructor and aerial silks. Is parkour your one true passion now that you found it or is there something different about it that drew you to it?

Jean: Well, you know the funny thing is as women in London and this is totally a vanity thing. I see this woman who has this unbelievable back in arms at the cart and she’s just pulling herself up, jumping on a rail and balancing coming down to be on a rail and balancing. So I was like, “Are you doing parkour? And she said, “Yeah.” I said, “What else do you do? Because your back is amazing.” She said, “Nope, this is all I do.” Yeah, four or five days a week and she’s having fun. So I showed up and it was so much fun and I’m not working out and I’m sweating and I’m moving and I’m doing fun things. And this, I was doing aerial silks at the same place, so it was basically working out, never really having to do like a burpee or whatever.