On lessons learned

Craig: Now that you’ve been away from Ninja Warrior for a few years, what are your thoughts, things that you’ve taken away [00:00:30] from that or things that you’d want to share with the parkour community in large?

Elet: I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned from Ninja Warrior, especially because a lot of people in parkour have heard of some of my more negative experiences with the show, is just that it doesn’t matter why somebody shows up. It doesn’t matter why they come to a parkour class. It doesn’t matter why they come into your gym.

There’s a pretty major narrative between parkour and Ninja Warrior, it almost seems like a more competitive thing that parkour [00:01:00] and it’s practitioners feel underserved by major media outlets. They see the success of Ninja Warrior and people associate the things that we do with Ninja Warrior and rightfully so. People say, “Well all of our shows haven’t worked and we don’t do Ninja Warrior and we don’t.” When somebody shows up to your gym and they want to take a lesson and they ask where’s your warped wall and people get uppity about it or they say, “We are parkour not Ninja Warrior,” or likewise, “We are parkour not gymnastics.”

It doesn’t matter why somebody [00:01:30] shows up. They are there on part of their journey to improve themselves. Who cares why they’re motivated. They’re there to learn from you.

Craig: For some reason that brought them to you.

Elet: It brought them through your door and it doesn’t matter if you have the warped wall. You can say to them, “Hey, we don’t do exactly that but let me show you what we do and let’s show you what it can do for you.” Because there are a lot of guys who’ve been, and girls too who’ve been successful in the show come from a parkour background. It’s done a lot to get the word parkour out there despite their best efforts not to let us talk about [00:02:00] it.

That’s a whole different topic. When somebody shows up, if somebody– when I was a personal trainer– if somebody shows up, I ask them why they showed up because that matters to me. If it’s not the reason I would have showed up to the gym, I’m not saying, “Oh, sorry. You’re not good enough for my training. The reason you’re here isn’t the right one.”

Craig: Yeah. That’s crazy.

Elet: It’s just like I understand the intrinsic value of what we’re doing and if you want to take this and try to go make a million dollars from it on Ninja Warrior, that’s fine, that’s great. I hope you have a good time and I hope you learn something.