On parkour and crypto-currency

Ryan: How can we match up Parkour and crypto? So we just tried our first experiment, I guess, there’s a thing called bounties.network. And this is built on Ethereum. And what it allows you to do is essentially say, I need this. And so mostly right now it’s being used for like software development, like I need somebody to help me code this thing. And I’m willing-

Craig: There’s my definition of done.

Ryan: And here’s my definition of done. And here’s what I’m willing to pay. It’s nothing like super revolutionary like this is Fiverr. This is some of these other kind of websites-

Craig: Except the implementation is completely new. But how it works.

Ryan: Yeah, so this is decentralized. And what we just did was we put up #Parkourbountyone. And we want to try to do more of these, to see where we can take it. But Parker bounty one was essentially, we wanted to open it up to the locals of Apex communities first, or make it easier on them at first. So we said, all all you got to do is you can take a new clip or an old clip. So even out of towners have clips from apex, you just got to post it up on your Instagram, say something you learned at Apex and submit it to this page or this link on bounties.network. And we’re going to take our top five favorite ones, and you guys are going to get 0.2 Ether which is I believe at the time it was worth about 30 bucks.

Ryan: And then during the the one week contest, it went up to like 35 or 40 bucks or something. It is volatile. But the cool thing here is that when I clicked submit, like I wrote up the bounty, I click submit, and then I loaded up the Ether into the smart contract, that money is guaranteed there.

Craig: Yeah. You can’t get it out.

Ryan: Nobody can be like, oh, I don’t know if I trust Ryan like I don’t know if I want to submit to this because maybe he won’t pay it out. Maybe you can get away with that on Fiverr even though you probably get like a bad reputation or something.

Craig: Or they can take you out but it requires a third party, they like police it.

Ryan: But on bounties.network, you lock it up, it’s there, people can see exactly how much is there, what their payout is all these other things. And then as soon as the deadline hit, I just clicked a couple buttons. And that Ether went directly to their wallets on their smartphones or their laptops or whatever.

Ryan: And so I think a big thing here is they call it trustlessness. So you don’t have to trust anyone now. Or ideally, like in the future, we shouldn’t have to trust anyone. We should just be able to rely on the code, like the code guarantees that you’re going to get your deed to the house you bought and I’m going to get my Bitcoin or whatever.