On small scale builds and parks

Andy: Yeah. And this whole time that we’ve been talking about gyms, I think that a lot of this needs to … There’s a smaller scale, which is, “How do I make my vault box”, right? And, “What do I use when I do that”? And if you’re a home owner that’s just trying to make something that their kids can play on or if you’re a practitioner that’s just trying to make some basic stuff that you can play on at your house, [00:17:30] these types of standards do still matter, because you can just destroy yourself forever, just because you were playing in your backyard.

Craig: Right.

Andy: And then the … Different scale, still large, but outside parks, right? It’s incredibly hard to get a park made, because of all the … You’ve got to get your city to approve it, all this liability involved-

Andy: All the standards.

Craig: Right, and then they want to know about maintenance and who’s going to maintain this thing and what’s it going to look like in 10 years and how does it affect the viewshed of the neighborhood and-

Andy: Yeah, but then if you want to go [00:18:00] and do that type of stuff in your backyard or do that stuff on your friend’s property or something that’s-

Craig: Yeah.

Andy: You find a way around it. And then you’re like, “Well, we can just … We don’t have to deal with the city”.

Craig: Right, so we’ll just whack this together and then when it falls over … right?

Andy: Yeah, and then you’re teaching kids or you’re teaching your grandmother or you’re teaching someone that’s close how to do something on something that is shoddy.

Craig: Yeah, basis-

Andy: Or even not even shoddy, something that’s built right, but it’s not inspiring. It doesn’t call [00:18:30] you to play on it.

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