Parkour Training

Sebastien: That’s also the concept of training came and the difference also between training and practice because everyone now [00:21:30] we do Parkour. Everyone train. Everyone say I’m going to go training.

Craig: Do they? I mean, a lot of people say, I’ve heard people say it to you, ’cause I’m often the fly on the wall in most things and people say to you, “I want to train with you.” There’s this little moment of maybe hesitation on your part where you look at them like that might not work so well and it’s not coming from a place of pride or hubris. Not that you don’t want to work with them, but you know that it is not gonna click.

Sebastien: Because for me, I believe without [00:22:00] being too much, I’m educated in energy. It may sounds bizarre when I say that, but because of everything I look around from Asian philosophy and everything, talking about the sun, talking about the air and like oxygenation, drink water, listen to music and everything. I’m educated with energy so I can feel my yin yang within me. When it’s time to move and when it’s time to slow down and people don’t [00:22:30] have that. Also, because also I’ve got educating in traditional sport, for me training is serious. Training is for a purpose and I only train for a big project.

Craig: Some specific goal.

Sebastien: I can train for like for a move or something, but this is not the training I’m talking about. I’m talking about the training for lifetime, like Michael Phelps, we train to win the Olympic or Roger Federer, who try to win grand slam. [00:23:00] That’s the training I’m talking about. When someone can say, “Oh, I’m training too.” No, you’re not training because you have no idea. That’s your life. You’ve got one life and you need to see the big pictures in your life and you need to direct this energy. First of all, first step you need to understand how you use that energy.

Some people they can’t go through pain, they cannot, they never been educated through that. They see blood in their knuckles, if they do like [crosstalk 00:23:28]

Craig: One [inaudible 00:23:28].

Sebastien: [00:23:30] The nose is bleeding. They think that’s the end of the world and some things, some people crying and I think it’s crying it’s over. I’m like, I don’t know, but you can cry by passion and because you’re pushing. There is a lot of stuff you need to understand, but once you understand like you can canalize this rage or whatever you call it, of passion of anger, whatever it is, it is pure energy. Then what do I do with energy? When you’re a teenager, you spend it all over the place, but when we become more mature is like [00:24:00] a arrow with a target.

Craig: An arrow.

Sebastien: An arrow, I use it with h every single time. I understand we need to use the h, but I use it anytime. So sorry guys for that. Yeah, arrow and you’ve got a target so it’s more efficient when you aim for the target. Once you know that it’s okay now, “Okay, I know how to train all my time. I can train like all week, all months, all years. But what is it for? Then when you it is okay, you stop a little bit, so again, [00:24:30] now you start to think about what do I want to do? That’s why people say I want to train with you. No, you cannot because what is your purpose? What is your goal? If we got the same goal, okay.

Craig: Maybe if our personality click we might.

Sebastien: Like American football team, they’ve got the same goal. They’d better make sure they’ve got the same goal because they’re going to be kicked out because man, you’ll just slow us down. Everyone’s goes for the same direction. From the nutrition, that’s what training is about. Nutrition, timing, [00:25:00] rest, motivation, talk-

Craig: Physicality, the whole.

Sebastien: Yeah, everything from the technique, from the mental, from the physical, everything. That’s training. That is what training is about for me.