Hero Forge, Episode 47: Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark is the founder and owner of NorthRidge Adventure, an organisation dedicated to offering the some of the best navigation, mountain and survival training available anywhere on the planet. He has been a personal mentor of mine, not only in helping me develop my own outdoor skills but also coaching me to become a more resilient individual in life generally. This interview has been something that I have wanted to do since the inception of ‘The Hero Forge’ more than a year ago now and it is with great pride that I introduce him to our community of listeners.

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Meet the team: Melissa

I love the educational aspect of Movers Mindset. Each podcast is an opportunity to learn about someone, how they think and how they move. I love learning about what each guests finds important and learning something new, whether its an idea or an approach, that I can apply to my own practice. The podcast has introduced me to many people and projects that have expanded my interests and understanding of movement.

~ Melissa — Guests coordinator and social media manager

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