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022. John ‘Hedge’ Hall: Scottish viewpoint, cultures, and society

022. John ‘Hedge’ Hall: Scottish viewpoint, cultures, and society

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Craig travels to Edinburgh, Scotland to interview John “Hedge” Hall about the culture of parkour, his ideas on how Scotland views parkour, and his own personal movement journey. Hedge unpacks how different cultures and societies adapt parkour to fit them and the impact of cultural norms on their practice. Touching a bit on coaching, Hedge discusses the impact of educational environments on his students.

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022. John ‘Hedge’ Hall: Full transcript

Craig: Welcome to the Movers Mindset podcast. These are the public episodes, but do you want to hear more? Become an insider for access to extended guest conversations. Follow up episodes with your questions and other deep dives. Visit Thanks for listening.

Craig: Hello, I’m Craig Constantine.

John: I have performance anxiety.

Craig: John Hall, more commonly known as Hedge, is the managing director of Access Parkour. And I had the chance to sit down with him and Edinburgh, Scotland to talk. Welcome.

John: Thanks.

Craig: Earlier today we were talking about, and you have to remind me of his last name, Alex-

John: Pavlotski.

Craig: Pavlotski.

John: I really hope I’m getting that right.

Craig: And first of all we’ll link it in the show notes. So go there and look it up. Can you just quickly give me the overview of what this research was that we were talking about?

John: So Alex for his PhD traveled the world and met a lot of different people in different parkour communities, and he studied them and I kind of … he originally is quite well known in the parkour community because he made these parkour panels, so these silly little comics, which were jokes about parkour and people’s perceptions of parkour. They have the parkour coach and the free runner and PK numpty who wanted to sell out to Red Bull as fast as humanly possible, all these sort of classic ideas that we all identify with immediately as being within our community.

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