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I’m passionate about sharing stories. We are hard-wired to love stories, and they are often the gateway to terrific conversations. Understanding each other is the key to successful societies, and the podcast is my way of helping you to better understand both those who I interview and, through introspection, yourself.

~ Craig — Project creator and voice of the podcast

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026. Marcello Palozzo: Full transcript

Craig: Welcome to the Movers Mindset Podcast. These are the public episodes, but do you want to hear more? Become an insider for access to extended guest conversations, follow-up episodes with your questions, and other deep dives. Visit Thanks for listening!

Craig: Hello. I’m Craig Constantine.

Marcello: Hi, my name is Marcello.

Craig: Marcello Palozzo is the co-founder of the ParkourWave Association in Italy. He’s practiced parkour for 11 years and has been studying under Ido Portal for the last four. He’s currently writing his dissertation for his master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning. Welcome, Marcello.

Marcello: Thank you, Craig.

Craig: Marcello, I’ve been watching with great interest as your new project … I’m not quite sure what to call it ’cause it doesn’t really seem to have a name, so can you just unpack a little bit what you’re up to these days?

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026. Marcello Palozzo: Strength and conditioning, teaching, and learning

026. Marcello Palozzo: Strength and conditioning, teaching, and learning

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Marcello Palozzo discusses his studies in the area of strength and conditioning, his relationship with Ido Portal, and how to capture information to optimize your learning. He shares his insights on teaching and learning, discussing the responsibilities of a teacher. Marcello explains how he found his current path, as well as his goals and plans for the future.

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