How did your training begin?

I’ve always been a very active guy, and I’ve always done a lot of sports just for the fun of having fun and improving myself (football, basketball, swimming, cycling, running, skateboarding, rugby, climbing and bouldering). It all started in May 2014 when the university to which I was enrolled (Polytechnic of Milan), organized a Parkour and ADD event under the guidance of Laurent Piemontesi. I was already aware of the world of parkour and ADD and I could not wait to try this discipline, but perhaps out of laziness I had never tried to inform me about where I could train.
The fact is that after that day I started this new adventure at FormaInArte in Milan where Laurent still teaches.

A few months later I started to participate in parkour workshops wherever it was possible to go and for two years now I have 14 workshops / events.

I train almost every day, mainly alone, in a small village in Northern Italy, and I’m doing my best to bring Parkour and its mentality here where it is very little known.

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