How did your training begin?

I started training randomly in 2009! I was playing a soccer game with a couple of friends back in Italy and since I kicked the ball out of the field I offered myself to go get it back, in front of me there was a huge wall that i wallran with no problems, when I came back with ball eveybody froze from the surpising action and asked me if I ever trained parkour…I answered asking what that was? And a couple of people took me to the main training spot and since then I never stopped.

Back in Naples I had a routine of going for a jog at 6 AM (mostly weekends), right across the street where I lived in a huge park in a circular shape. I would do a couple of laps until getting tired to then condition until 11-12 and then go back to sleep ! I would wake up with my father since he had to go to work around that time. In the weekdays instead if I had no school I would train at least 5 hours at day with my little community there. I had the bad habit of burning fats as soon as I would assume them, I always had urge to move and train eventhough I just had an incredible meal ! (don’t make the same mistake xD )

Meet the team

I love the educational aspect of Movers Mindset. Each podcast is an opportunity to learn about someone, how they think and how they move. I love learning about what each guests finds important and learning something new, whether its an idea or an approach, that I can apply to my own practice. The podcast has introduced me to many people and projects that have expanded my interests and understanding of movement.

~ Melissa — Guests coordinator and social media manager

Whom do you admire?

I admire every single person that never gives up all those people that everyday save lives, go to work for their family, train in the most terrible conditions, always keeps debugging and fix bugs, keep playing until you finger bleed , fight for others rights ,believe in themselves, share ideas and make the world a better place (I swear I didnt take it from silicon valley xD ) Just like you Craig 😀