Curiosity, awareness, precision

~ Phil Lombardo

Three words to describe your practice?

I went with curiosity, awareness and precision. Because I don’t know, man… You know, the curiosity is one thing, like you said, when that patient asks me, “Hey, what’s this problem that I have?” You know, it’s up to him and I… [we] are connecting over our curiosity as human beings. We want so often to be comfortable and to get into routines, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes we lose our humanistic instincts for curiosity, whether it’s with movement, with an injury, and, “Hey, I’m curious, can I overcome this?” …you know, it feels frustrating, we feel stuck. So we stop and we don’t do anything.

Then, the awareness of just not pushing that stuff away, just letting it come to the surface, letting it get acknowledgement, and keeping our eyes open. We can go down a whole Matrix rabbit hole, but, again, whole other podcast… I guess, it was so true with movement, you know, we get a doctorate of physical therapy, we come out. And we work in factories, where we’re just mass producing, you know, general movement and exercise. But if I have the awareness to hear what my patients are saying, recognize what’s going on for them. We’re gonna have a deep bond, and their outcome is going to be much, much, much, much better.

And of course, the precision. You know, you can’t just go through saying, “Hey, I’m working hard. Hey, I’m working hard. Hey, I’m working hard. What are you working on?” You know, movement, like okay, let’s get into that. Let’s get out from the theoretical conversations and let’s start to get into you and me conversation. What’s going on for you? And what’s, being more precise with the connection with the movements with the sensations… with just all of it.

So, curiosity, awareness and precision are things I think about every single day in my life, definitely.

~ Phil Lombardo from 21:55

From episode, Awareness – with Phil Lombardo

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