Sebastien as an Explorer

Craig: My saying explorer in the introduction, is a bit loaded. Most people would expect me to say many other things where they know you from and I want to first talk about why you consider yourself an explorer. What’s your journey?

Sebastien: Why I might consider myself as an explorer is because it’s the conclusion of a long process, which started when I was kids supposedly [00:01:30] and leads me to be known as one of the founder of a global phenomenon, a movement called Parkour, L’art du Deplacement, or freerunning. People can hear more about Parkour and freerunning. I’m the guy who is responsible for almost all the name because the original name is [00:02:00] Parcours, which is the French word for an obstacle course. When I started with my friend, as far as I’m concerned we were just doing child play. We’re just playing around and we never had any idea that would come up with something.

Craig: Who wants to go play in trees? And out the door everybody went.

Sebastien: Yes. That’s it. But along the way I was trying to understand what I was doing, so we call it Parcours, then it become L’art du Deplacement where we came [00:02:30] as a group. David call it Parkour. David Bell is known as a founder of Parkour in form of a legacy for his father. Then me being by myself, I say, “Okay, I want to develop my own thing,” and I take the name freerunning and freerunning becomes something else because for me, I keep on going on my journey as an explorer. Now I know I’m an explorer.

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I love the educational aspect of Movers Mindset. Each podcast is an opportunity to learn about someone, how they think and how they move. I love learning about what each guests finds important and learning something new, whether its an idea or an approach, that I can apply to my own practice. The podcast has introduced me to many people and projects that have expanded my interests and understanding of movement.

~ Melissa — Guests coordinator and social media manager