This week…

I wanted to point out a new feature on our website: Direct links to continue the discussion in the Forum.

Below most of the posts on the website, there is now a “Discuss…” link which leads to a related topic in the Forum. If you’re a Forum member and are already logged in, you can click Discuss and this the “Reply” button in the Forum.

If you’re not a member, you can read what’s already been posted. Or, join and try it out during your first week’s free trial.


The Movers Mindset Forum

What is the Forum?

The goal of the forum is to facilitate self-improvement. In the forum we focus on movement as a mastery practice and highlight the processes of discovery and reflection. The forum provides the opportunity to interact with and learn from podcast guests, athletes, experts, and like-minded others.

Why the change?

We used to call it “the Movers Mindset community” site. There are some key reasons why we feel “forum” is a better word choice:

It removes confusion

While it’s not confusing to us on the team, there was a lot of confusion from everyone else who encountered Movers Mindset. I had to really pay attention before I realized this. People heard us say, “the movers mindset community,” and they were thinking, “the collection of people who are interested in Movers Mindset.” They were thinking community as in: The skate-boarding community. The parkour community.

When we said, “join the Movers Mindset community,” people’s first instinct was that we meant for them to become  interested in Movers Mindset, follow us on Instagram, or start listening to the podcast. None of that entices people to join a for-pay, members-only thing. Oops.

The word “forum” does not carry the same context as “community”; when people hear, “the Movers Mindset Forum,” or, “join the Movers Mindset Forum,” it stands out. Even if it stands out only because they don’t know what it is, that’s better than them thinking they know what it is, and having the wrong idea.

Forums are old-school

If by “old-school” you mean more considered, slower paced, and higher information density, then we’ll take that baggage because that’s exactly what the Movers Mindset Forum is meant to be. The work before us now is marketing the forum as interesting and useful, rather than a dusty old forum not worthy of attention. We think by stating a clear goal for the Forum and by stating what the Forum provides people, that it creates a meaningful opportunity that people will consider.

It’s simply shorter

I know this seems trivial, but it adds up over time. “Forum” is just that much shorter to have to include in URLs, and it’s two syllables shorter to say.


This week…

I’m excited to be done… completely done… with season 3! All the social objects are scheduled on Instagram and Facebook. Everything, (transcripts, quotes, audio clips and more,) is scheduled to appear on the website in the next two weeks or so. If you just went, “wait wat? seasons?!” You may want to read We are now organized into seasons! and listen to episode 77, End of season 3, 2019 recap, and looking ahead.

Less than two weeks remain before we resume recording interviews for season 4. Well, we have some already banked… but we’re heading into NYC on January 20th for the first interview of 2020.

If you’re a community member, have you noticed we’ve started posting, answers to questions we’ve been posing to athletes? This was a common thing we heard in 2019. We heard you, and we’ve started working on it. (If you’re not a community member, please consider becoming one.)


Tis the season…

I like paying for my software when I’m buying it from a company that’s responsive, fast and focused. I like being the customer (as opposed to a social network, where I’m the product). I spend most of my day working with tools that weren’t even in science fiction novels twenty-five years ago, and the money I spend on software is a bargain–doing this work without it is impossible.

~ Seth Godin, from

Tis the season… to talk about paying for the things we get value from. Last year Seth wrote that great gem about software and I whole-heartedly agree.

Here’s a short list of a few pieces of software which I gleefully pay for, without which everything I do would be vastly more difficult or outright impossible: HoverBBEditHindenburgOvercastReederFeedbinTowerTransmitOmniFocusOmniOutlineriaWriterDiscourseBasecamp and Front.

As a bonus round, here’s a short list of a few online services or publications which I also gleefully contribute to, because they provide me with magnificent information that makes my world a better place: Brain PickingsMüvmagPodNewsOnce is Never, and WikiPedia.

My challenge to you for the holiday season: Post your own lists somewhere public, and share the love for the software and services that make your life better throughout the year!


Discovery. Reflection. Efficacy

This is the signature ending question for the podcast. There is an article describing the question’s origin (and Episode 55). Each guest’s answer is available as an image tagged Guests’ three words and the section of each episode’s transcript is tagged Three words to describe your practice.

In each of our podcasts, we ask guests to pick three words to define their practice. Choosing the three words to describe your practice has turned out to be a much more interesting and intriguing part of the conversation than we had initially anticipated.

The word practice, for example, goes beyond movement and often evokes broader images and ideas that reflect an approach to life. The idea that parkour and movement techniques in general are more than just physical has always been behind Movers Mindset. This is why we focus on ideas and reflection, for example, rather than on flashy videos of daring movement. The deeper dive into the mindset of movers is where the real magic happens.

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We are now organized into seasons!

70 episodes and counting!

We’ve recently organized the podcast episodes into seasons:

MM Season 1
Season 1 includes the first 10 episodes done under the project’s original name, “Parkour, They Said.”

MM Season 2
Season 2 includes episodes 11 through 28. The early episodes of season 2 were published on no particular schedule, simply as time permitted. Midway through season 2, we began publishing on a twice-per-month schedule.

MM Season 3
Season 3 begins with episode 29 and runs from March through December of 2019. Episodes published every Wednesday, plus a number of additional episodes with just Craig.

We have big plans for season 4. We’d greatly appreciate if you’d consider supporting our work as a voluntary supporter or by joining the Movers Mindset community.


Social objects and new tags on the web site

We’ve recently finished posting nearly 300 social objects—the audio clips, and three words and quotes images—to our website. These are things we’ve been posting to our social network accounts over the years. They are now on the website where they can be found when you are looking at a particular podcast or a particular guest.

Guests’ audio clips
Guests’ quotes
Guests’ three words

Going forward, we’ll be keeping up with posting these to the website as we go along.

Here are two more, less-obvious ways to find things on the website:

Page listing all the people
Page listing all the tags

As always, if there’s something you can’t find, just let us know!