Whom do you admire?

Craig: Whom do you admire? Everyone has their sources of inspiration, people they aspire to emulate, people whose words seem to call to them elsewhere. You’ve expressed interest in Jackie Chan, Leonardo da Vinci, and Peter Parker. So could you give some of your thoughts either on those individuals if you want, or if you’d prefer to touch on some completely different people?

Adam: That’s hilarious. I won’t touch on those three people. [00:16:00] I wrote that almost mockingly as a college entry essay. You really dug at me there, Craig.

Craig: We’ll leave that as an exercise for the listener. Maybe I won’t even link that.

Adam: See if you can find it. Good luck. People from whom I draw inspiration or who I look up to, that has to start with my parents. Anyone who knows me and knows my charisma that you referenced earlier and my character, which I try to constantly improve, will [00:16:30] best understand who I am if they were to meet my parents. My parents are amazing people, and they are the perfect contrast that helps make me the person that I am. My mother is best described as a fireball. If there is any gas in the room she will ignite it. I mean that seriously. She’s a fearless woman. So much of my charisma comes from her. She was an actress and a model and a singer and author, and [00:17:00] you name it, she’s probably done it. A small business owner. So she’s always had that drive.

My father on the other hand, is one of the sweetest and kindest men or fellow I’ve ever known. He’s just an incredible guy. He would dedicate all of himself to anything if he knew the cause was pure. So that fire and charisma balanced with a sense of principle is where I draw most of my inspiration from, from my parents.

Beyond that, I’ve [00:17:30] been lucky enough to have incredible influences in my life. I mentioned my martial arts instructor, Paul Miller. Many of the other instructors in that school also who are now currently my friends and my peers I’ve always looked up to. In the parkour community there are some really incredible people I’ve met who have either amazing discipline or an amazing lack of discipline that leads them to being very interesting people.

Craig: Now I want to know whose name you’re going to drop for amazing lack of discipline.

Adam: Ozzi.

Craig: Okay, that’s what I figured you were going to say.

Adam: [00:18:00] No, Ozzi Quintero is indeed a disciplined man, but he’s a free spirit, and there’s a lot to be said for that. So, for someone like me, that’s an influence that was beneficial to see someone so free and so willing to break the rules to do what they believe is right is a cool influence.

I’ve just been very fortunate above all. I’ve had a great family, great friends, great coaches, great peers. So it’s led to a great life for me, and that’s because of those people.

Craig: Terrific. In the same similar vane, do [00:18:30] you have a favorite quote or a favorite inspirational mantra that you …

Adam: Oh, man. All the time, but they change all the time. I mentioned before how my motivation comes from constant change in freedom. So I’m not the kind of guy that would tattoo a phrase onto myself because-

Craig: I wasn’t going to ask about tattoos, but okay.

Adam: Because two weeks later I look at the tattoo and go “Yeah, I don’t know. That’s not the most powerful thing I’ve ever read anymore.” So, I don’t know. I would say above all, [00:19:00] if I had to choose anything at all, I would probably stick with the principle that you should work hard and you should follow your values. All of the inspirational quotes and things that I find are usually creative variances on the general concept of “Be good to people, and do things for others, and follow the values that are close to your heart, and never stop chasing them.”

Craig: Right. All branches from the same tree.

Adam: Precisely. So there’s my trunk.

Whom do you admire?

As for who I admire, it’s all of my other coaching colleges here in Boston. I get to train almost every day with a whole bunch of crazy strong, crazy talented athletes. ​Evan Beyer, Adrian Ruiz, and Blake Evitt, Natalia Boltukhova, and Marcus Lincoln. The whole crew here in Boston, we put together a really strong group of coaches and I love that I get to train and coach with them on a regular basis. It’s a super fun group, and it’s inspiring to hang out and train with them.

Outside of the parkour sphere I’ve got a friend here in Boston who goes by Skunk. He’s an artist that founded an art bicycle group that I’m a part of. We build and ride modified art bicycles around Boston. This group has been around for 20 years. The fact that he’s been able to keep this going, a organization that exists just to make absurd bicycles and ride them around the city playing funk music and giving people on the sidewalk high fives. His positivity to roll with the ups and downs of life is inspiring.

Whom do you admire?

I admire every single person that never gives up all those people that everyday save lives, go to work for their family, train in the most terrible conditions, always keeps debugging and fix bugs, keep playing until you finger bleed , fight for others rights ,believe in themselves, share ideas and make the world a better place (I swear I didnt take it from silicon valley xD ) Just like you Craig 😀

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Whom do you Admire?

Andy Keller. I met this guy back around 2011, just when I was starting out. I always looked up to him (back then it was because he was an admin on the APK forums!) and still do to this day. Though he may not know it Andy has helped me almost more than anyone in life. I was not with a very good crowd of people in high school but I always looked forward to training with Andy after school so I could forget about all of that. He has influenced me to change who I am as a person and to choose to be around people who better myself. Training with Andy is always a blast and I always come out with a smile on my face even if we are doing some punishing conditioning. He is the kind of guy that everyone can look up to and he has been nothing but a positive influence on me. Thanks Andy!