Team members’ side projects

Melissa: So we’ve mentioned side projects a couple of times. And I think side projects are really cool, and not something I’ve gotten to experience in any other kind of work situation. So credit to Craig for that, it’s basically allowing us to kind of and paying us to use our time to pursue something we’re interested in. And that could be adjacent to Movers Mindset and what we’re working on or it could not be, but it’s finding something that we’re passionate about, and kind of almost like a personal, yeah, professional or personal development, a growth project. So finding something that we care about that we want to pursue, that we’re being supported, kind of by Craig and the Movers Mindset project to do and to pursue, which is a really, really unique and awesome opportunity, I think.

Miguel: Yeah, you mentioned something that Google, something like that.

Craig: Yes. I don’t know where I stole this idea from but I steal all my ideas. I believe I’m pretty sure that Google does it. I don’t know if Google invented the idea. But it’s just I mean, it doesn’t have like a hard cap or anything. I always make the joke. Like we have one on ones. We talk about it. And I’d be like, “Miguel, do you have an idea what you want your side project to be yet?” Because he hasn’t picked on recently, and he’ll be like, “Well, I could do,” and the cool part about it I think is because everybody goes off like mentally, conceptually goes off thinking about different ideas. And they come back and like, “Oh, I could do something with [inaudible 01:12:08].”

Craig: And then I’m like, well, then I run with it like, well, we could do this, and get it like I try and like flesh it out and be the advocate for the idea. And then by the end of it, they’re like, “Yeah, shut up. I don’t like it anymore.” I wasn’t trying to kill it. But I was like, trying to make sure that it got a chance. Like you had the idea, but nobody else heard it yet. So now I hear it, I’m going to be positive about it. And we’re going to talk about it. And it’s like, let’s talk more next week. And I always say, we will talk about what your side project will be until I can’t get you to not do it. And then that’s like, “All right, you’re like talking about it all the time, that’s definitely a thing. And then we have ways of tracking time internally, here’s your code for tracking that. So you can you know, know where to put the time on it and have that,” and it isn’t, this is not a challenge.

Craig: But there’s no limit on like, how many hours you can spend on it. It’s just, you were going to be thinking about that anyway, so you might as well make it, and then the advantages you can like rope in your team members like, “Hey, could somebody help me with this? Or can I have a hand with that?”