The Rider

Sebastien: You see, but I’m working on it and for me and I’m believer of what I’m doing. I’m an explorer and then as [00:30:00] I say, and then after it’s sanctuary winter is where like you can literally almost like a bear can hibernate sometime make joke about that and at least almost what I do.

Craig: That’s what I do in the winter. I have like lists of books and things in collections and cross connections and like I go into winter, like. “Aha, I got so much I need to do.” A lot of it looks like me sitting in a chair but I stand up, I move around a little bit and I sit back down. I’m taking notes and then when spring comes around you, you’re just like raring to get outside [00:30:30] and raring to start moving.

Sebastien: Sometime I can say you can do recall like, to not forget. Let’s say you’ve been in summer you’ve something. You’ve been moving quite well. There is no problem because it’s almost three months. During all time if you want to go outside and jump, there is no problem about that. But the intensity during the three months is reduced. You can imagine the impact in the body is lower. We’re not following the calendar of a traditional sport, which I respect because they choose. [00:31:00] It’s like a contract, a non-written contract about I’m on back on a journey where I’m going to sacrifice my body, but it’s for the middle. It will maybe change my life because sometimes a career literally completely-

Craig: Yeah, is built on that accomplishment.

Sebastien: It can change your life and lift you up. Then you ended up as a reporter or anything. It can be very beneficial. But it’s a choice you make. For me, I choose I want my vehicle, my body, the horse as [00:31:30] I say if I’m the covener, how do you say that? You say the other word.

Craig: The rider.

Sebastien: The rider. You see, me as the rider the guys would decide, “Okay, I respect the horse. The vi cure will bring me from point a to point b, which is a definition of Parkour. Then after you need to decide and I know, I’m in a holistic journey. That’s why I make my choice. I’m in a holistic journey. For me it’s pretty, pretty simple. That’s why most of the time I practice and I don’t [00:32:00] train, but sometimes there’s some circumstances because I’ve done a lot of stuff in my career and my life and I can have opportunity is like the ripple effect. When you throw a rock into-

Craig: A ripple effect. Sorry. I thought you said it in French. Your English is correct.

Sebastien: You see and it does something. I already did it. Even when I talk now some people will listen. It will resonate for some people and it will go back [00:32:30] to me.