This week…

I’m excited to be done… completely done… with season 3! All the social objects are scheduled on Instagram and Facebook. Everything, (transcripts, quotes, audio clips and more,) is scheduled to appear on the website in the next two weeks or so. If you just went, “wait wat? seasons?!” You may want to read We are now organized into seasons! and listen to episode 77, End of season 3, 2019 recap, and looking ahead.

Less than two weeks remain before we resume recording interviews for season 4. Well, we have some already banked… but we’re heading into NYC on January 20th for the first interview of 2020.

If you’re a community member, have you noticed we’ve started posting, answers to questions we’ve been posing to athletes? This was a common thing we heard in 2019. We heard you, and we’ve started working on it. (If you’re not a community member, please consider becoming one.)


Meet the team: Melissa

I love the educational aspect of Movers Mindset. Each podcast is an opportunity to learn about someone, how they think and how they move. I love learning about what each guests finds important and learning something new, whether its an idea or an approach, that I can apply to my own practice. The podcast has introduced me to many people and projects that have expanded my interests and understanding of movement.

~ Melissa — Guests coordinator

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