Three words to describe your practice?

Craig: All right, last and final question that I always end with, which is: [00:29:30] three words to describe your practice.

Jonny: Whoah. Well the first two that come to mind immediately are grateful and enthusiastic. The third one eludes me. Man, and two is a comparison. Three is a theme. I really do need a third one to make this work. So I’m going to go [00:30:00] with… uh, it would have to be grateful, enthusiastic, and caffeinated.

Craig: That’s perfect. I think you’re the first honest person who actually owned up to the drug of choice, which is caffeine.

Jonny: 100%.

Craig: It’s all about the caffeine.

Jonny: I’ve been drinking coffee nonstop throughout this podcast.

Craig: Great, because the next thing I say is, could you unpack those words a little bit? So we’ll just say the caffeine is the coffee cup that he’s been… He actually got up and filled it. I’m talking, he walked away and got the coffee.

Jonny: It’s [00:30:30] true.

Craig: So the first two words were…

Jonny: Grateful and enthusiastic.

Craig: And why? Why those the two words?

Jonny: Oh man, I’m grateful every day that I wake up and I get to move. I already was grateful, because I feel like I came to Parkour a little bit later in life. I started training when I was 31. And obviously, later in life than most people that I train with. I see you’ve bumped your head on the microphone in total dismay because Craig came to Parkour probably ten [00:31:00] years later than I did. I just say later in life than your top-level athlete, right? So you get in and you immediately compare yourself to the top 1%, as everybody does, no matter how unrealistic it is.

Craig: Right.

Jonny: And you go, “Oh, okay. Well I’ll never do that. I’ll never be that guy.”

Craig: More coffee.

Jonny: But rather than depress me, it just makes me more grateful that it wasn’t too late, you know. That I wasn’t perhaps missing a foot from diabetes, you know, or [00:31:30] on some sort of emphysema breathing machine. Anything could happen. Life takes crazy turns.

Craig: And late enough to realize that, yeah, I’m not gonna be that high-level professional person, so I’m not gonna spend any time killing myself, literally, to try to get to that level. I’m gonna take it and see how far does this body go?

Jonny: Exactly, yeah. And I’m grateful for what my body gives me every day. And I do make very high demands on my body because I want to maximize the time that I do have left. We all know you hit a peak at a certain point and I think, you know, I’ve probably peaked, if I’m not right at the peak right now. [00:32:00] And then it’s about maintenance, you know. Whatever you can do.

Craig: And the second word?

Jonny: Was enthusiasm?

Craig: They’re your words. Okay, enthusiasm.

Jonny: Enthusiasm. Man, I just was lucky enough to stumble across this thing that gets me as excited as anything else anybody can be excited about on this planet. I even look at Jiro Dreams of Sushi, here’s something that they made a whole documentary about this guy, he devotes [00:32:30] every waking moment, and I still think I’m more enthusiastic about Parkour than he is about sushi. And you know, a lot of people can go their whole lives without finding that thing. They may not ever find that driving force. But for me, we had lunch earlier today and we were talking about how, for a long time, during, for sure, the first year of my training, every training session ended … I didn’t stop til the sun went down and the little ritual was to sit down and watch the sun set and kind of reflect on my day.

And every single one, without exception, I thought, “This is the best day of [00:33:00] my life.”

That is really saying something, because as much as I love art, as much as I’ve been pursuing that for as far back as I have memories in life, I’ve never stopped at the end of a day of drawing and thought, “This is the best day of my life.” So I found this thing that gives me that consistently. It may not be every time now, because nothing’s perfect, it’s been going on four years now. There are those days where you just had a good day. It wasn’t necessarily the best day of your life, but man, there’s a good chance it is gonna be the best day of my life. [00:33:30] And how can you not just be at the highest level of enthusiasm possible when you’re having the peak of your lifetime right there in that moment?

Craig: Well, thank you very much. That’s an excellent insight to end on, right there. So this was Jonny Hart and it was a pleasure talking to you. Thank you for taking the time.

Jonny: Oh, thank you.