Three words to describe your practice?

Craig: Final question, [00:30:00] three words to describe your practice.

Thomas: I should try to be clever.

Craig: You can be … I love this. This is my favorite part of the whole podcast. You can be clever, you can be deep, you can be trite. Anything you’d like.

Thomas: Deep or trite. So my words are “Be Here Now,” which dovetails with that story actually pretty nicely in that, that’s all there is, [00:30:30] is what’s happening right now. The fear of the future or the regret of the past has no real bearing in their own place. Just what you’re doing right now.

If you’ve got somewhere you got to go, you need to start walking there. But walking there, means taking one step right now. Lao-Tze said like, “A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.” That process is so true, [00:31:00] and the way that horrible, difficult, incredibly long things become fun and easy, is when you just do the step you have to do now. And then you’re like –

Craig: Right. The hardest part is believing you can start.

Thomas: Yeah, you just take a step.

Craig: Thank you very much, Thomas!

Thomas: My pleasure, Craig. So good to be here.