Three words to describe your practice?

Craig: And of course the final question: Three words to describe your practice?

Caitlin: I submitted this [00:25:00] answer to your website a few months ago. I wrote that my practice is sustainable, playful and collaborative, and it definitely is. More than that now it’s definitely become about, what we talked earlier, inviting others to join me. Where I’ve gotten so much that I’ve needed out of my practice, my practice is now about getting other people to join in. Whether it’s from even just saying, “Hey, can I join you in that challenge?” Or, “Want to try this?” To [00:25:30] the movement snacks where they’re–

Craig: You’re going to facilitate the community to join you. Even figuratively join you when you’re not actually there.

Caitlin: That’s really what my practice today is about. It’s about getting others to come out and play.

Craig: Thank you very much, Caitlin.

Caitlin: Yeah, thank you.