Three Words to Describe Your Practice

This is the signature ending question for the podcast. There is an article describing the question’s origin (and Episode 55). Each guest’s answer is available as an image tagged Guests’ three words and the section of each episode’s transcript is tagged Three words to describe your practice.

Craig: [36:35] Of course, the final question: three words to describe your practice.

Travis: [36:38] All right. Can I do three fake words and then …

Craig: [36:41] Do whatever you like. This is your interview.

Travis: [36:44] So three fake ones, not really for me, just for everything: Dragon Ball Z, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee. Yes, those are just three words.

Craig: [36:51] Those are six words, but … Hyphens are free.

Travis: [36:56] They’re names.

Craig: [36:56] Right.

Travis: [36:58] But I think three words for me, specifically … Maybe it’s just going to end on one word. I don’t … Yeah, making up rules now. But one is phoenix, the rebirth from the ashes.

Craig: [37:12] Right, right.

Travis: [37:12] There’s a lot of things I don’t wanna talk about, but a phoenix is maybe all we need to know, that, through everything, it can come out new and it can come out greater, and that … I don’t know. I can keep pushing on, and maybe it’s not going to be the same, but if I keep putting the time and energy into it, it’s going to be new and it’s going to be better – different, but better, more fitting. So phoenix.

Travis: [37:53] Maybe the next one is love. So much of it in the heart of what I do that drives it.

Travis: [38:05] So when I was leaving my wife, my wife was getting emotional as I left Wisconsin to go to Chicago, and I haven’t seen her like that. But it’s good. Then I think perseverance is the last one, or maybe … Yeah, maybe perseverance. Share. Okay, four words. Perseverance, just keep going. Just keep going. But also share, that … Just give. Give to other people and share what you know. Seek places where people want to do that, where people desire to just give everything.

Travis: [39:13] I tell people that in the extremes, you can see two worlds. Yes, I know this doesn’t work this way, but I think of it as two worlds – one in which everybody has to do everything themselves. Every time you are sick, you figure it out. There’s no hospital. There’s no mother. There’s no person making you soup. You take care of yourself.

Travis: [39:34] Or the other world, where nobody takes care of their self, and everybody looks after someone else, that there is never a single time that you need something, because it’s always provided.

Craig: [39:48] Thank you very much for sharing, Travis. Your passion for your movement and your family and your community obviously shines through. It’s a pleasure talking to you.

Travis: [39:56] Thank you very much, Craig.

Craig: [39:58] Want more? Check out for a bunch of additional features. This was Episode 17. For the show notes and full transcript, go to Thanks for listening.