Strong and useful

~ Viktor Andersson

Three words to describe your practice?

If I were to say movement, it would be strong and useful. If I would say… I want to say say that actually moves into my photography work as well, because I want my imagery to be strong. And I want it to be useful. Because I am portrait’ing people… a photo of a person, I don’t think is necessarily a good portrait if it isn’t useful for them. Whether it is to portray who they are, or their business, or even being in the gallery… it has to have a use. And that I think that comes a lot from… I’ve been doing Parkour for the better part of my life now. And it hit me very hard with this idea of being useful, being [a] helping hands for people. And as I moved into photography, that was what I took my movement practice of being, trying to get a fit body to be able to help people. And took that idea into the photos, that I want my photography to help people in whatever I can help them. If it’s to portray a message, or just have them feel good about themselves or whatever it might be. So I think drawing useful, goes into both— with a stretch.

~ Viktor Andersson

From episode, Authentic – with Viktor Andersson

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Craig Constantine

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