What’s new

This project has a new name: Movers Mindset.

After months of thought and preparation, we’re relaunching with a new name. We’ve kept everything we felt is useful, and added a few new bits. In the coming weeks, with posts like this one, I will unpack some of the changes.

When someone takes the time to personally connect — takes the time to talk, to put their phone down, to reach out “out of the blue”, to arrange for a shared meal, to ask ‘How are you?’ as an invitation to shared understanding — those are people and interactions with real value.

So here’s my promise when we publish content, or when I appear in your ears:

The podcasts I’m creating, and the things we’re publishing, will have real value. They will be useful to you. They will make you think, or make you see, or make you feel. They will inspire you, or help you understand, or lead you to new questions.

Questions? Suggestions? …there’s a form on the About page.