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Movers Mindset examines the nature and philosophy of movement by exploring themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence. We promote self-improvement through podcast episodes, website content, and forum interactions.

The goal of the Forum is to facilitate self-improvement. In the Forum we focus on movement as a mastery practice and highlight the processes of discovery and reflection. The forum provides the opportunity to interact with and learn from podcast guests, athletes, experts, and like-minded others.

In the podcast, Craig interviews movement enthusiasts to find out who they are, what they do, and why they do it. This podcast focuses on the journey of self-improvement and its underlying motivations, as well as movement’s fundamental place in society.

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I wanted to point out a new feature on our website: Direct links to continue the discussion in the Forum.

Below most of the posts on the website, there is now a “Discuss…” link which leads to a related topic in the Forum. If you’re a Forum member and are already logged in, you can click Discuss and this the “Reply” button in the Forum.

If you’re not a member, you can read what’s already been posted. Or, join and try it out during your first week’s free trial.


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The Movers Mindset Forum

What is the Forum?

The goal of the forum is to facilitate self-improvement. In the forum we focus on movement as a mastery practice and highlight the processes of discovery and reflection. The forum provides the opportunity to interact with and learn from podcast guests, athletes, experts, and like-minded others.

Why the change?

We used to call it “the Movers Mindset community” site. There are some key reasons why we feel “forum” is a better word choice:

It removes confusion

While it’s not confusing to us on the team, there was a lot of confusion from everyone else who encountered Movers Mindset. I had to really pay attention before I realized this. People heard us say, “the movers mindset community,” and they were thinking, “the collection of people who are interested in Movers Mindset.” They were thinking community as in: The skate-boarding community. The parkour community.

When we said, “join the Movers Mindset community,” people’s first instinct was that we meant for them to become  interested in Movers Mindset, follow us on Instagram, or start listening to the podcast. None of that entices people to join a for-pay, members-only thing. Oops.

The word “forum” does not carry the same context as “community”; when people hear, “the Movers Mindset Forum,” or, “join the Movers Mindset Forum,” it stands out. Even if it stands out only because they don’t know what it is, that’s better than them thinking they know what it is, and having the wrong idea.

Forums are old-school

If by “old-school” you mean more considered, slower paced, and higher information density, then we’ll take that baggage because that’s exactly what the Movers Mindset Forum is meant to be. The work before us now is marketing the forum as interesting and useful, rather than a dusty old forum not worthy of attention. We think by stating a clear goal for the Forum and by stating what the Forum provides people, that it creates a meaningful opportunity that people will consider.

It’s simply shorter

I know this seems trivial, but it adds up over time. “Forum” is just that much shorter to have to include in URLs, and it’s two syllables shorter to say.


Competition exists

Frosti: , I think the first thing that USPK does, which is really important is that it acknowledges that competition exists. It’s not going away. It’s happening, and it’s only going to happen more. From a personal standpoint, my attitude has always been, let’s get involved and see what we can do to make this the best it can be possible. I think I also recognize that people in this sport right now have such varied ideas about how we should integrate ourselves into that world. Right now, our attitude is, “Lets listen to people. What do they want to do?” We’re building a committee right now, I’m in charge of putting together some of the top voices in the sport, not just that support competition, but that have that huge spectrum of values that are represented within this community.

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Mark: Within the parkour community, it’s no secret that there are different flavors of parkour there are different organizations out there that different people feel they align with best because of certain values or certain ideas. If you identify as a straight up free runner, then you may look at tempest and go, “Yeah, this is the way it should be.” And for whatever reason, I know there are people who feel very strongly associated with APK and I love that. But that’s not really what matters here if you’re part of parkour generations or you love the way that parkour visions operate or you have a strong connection.

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Three words to describe your practice

So, the prompt… That’s fine. So, the prompt is normally I would give this prompt to everyone and we would cut it out, but I think it’s fun to leave it in in this case. So, the prompt is picking three words is really tough because it forces you to over simplify and at the same time try and find words that are super powerful. So, I’m curious to see what three words people pick under direst to describe their practice. But there is also the next level up which is you have to either literally outwardly or at least in your head unpack what I mean or what you think I mean by the word practice.

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It lasted a little bit. I really like experimenting to find optimal solutions. That’s a big part of my parkour practice too. It’s like I find a challenge that peaks my interest and I try to find the best way for me to maneuver myself from one point to another within that… having that challenge in mind. And I can get really in depth into that where everybody else within the training group or whatever goes off and does something else and I’m like, “No, I still have to do this thing, and I can’t touch this thing because I really want to try this one movement and I don’t have it yet, so I’m going to keep going at it.” And that’s just, I think, a part of my personality.

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Parkour Vision

Yeah. So, this is why we named the organization Parkour Visions because for me one of the most powerful things for getting into parkour was how it changed my view of the entire world. I could entertain myself by just walking around in the city and imagining all the different things that I could do in those areas, and that also led me to grabbing every railing that I saw to test how strong it was, and just running my hands over the texture of different things so that I could get a feel for, “Oh, this tends to be slippery when it’s dusty. This one seems to be a lot better,” and doing those sort of things every single day no matter when it was that I went. I definitely had those thoughts of, “Well, crap. They should’ve just done this and then this railing would’ve been way, way more strong and I would’ve been able to jump on it,” even if I was just jumping on it in my head and I didn’t have time to do then, it’s still disappointing me that they just didn’t do it that way. And so having those thoughts just constantly all the time I’m sure influenced the way that I would come to design and build obstacles.

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It’s like I have my own practice at this point and I know the things that make me feel fulfilled from the movements that I do. So, the traveling I think that I want to do now is to go to my friends and other leaders within the parkour communities and to see the spaces of the programs that they built and the challenges and the obstacles that they’ve had to overcome in getting there and to see if I can offer ways to help and develop that or to even challenge some of the beliefs that they’ve built up over what they think works best for their situation. So, that’s kind of what I’m imagining my next progression to be. I really enjoy the building arm of this and I really enjoy doing really unique and interesting things that push the limit, and I would love to just find more people who are willing to take that step and be like, “What would happen if we just cut a tree and brought it in here and flipped it upside down and used that as a start of a really cool precision bar scaffolding course?” And be like, “Yeah, that sounds great. Let’s do that.”

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Problem Solver

So, I think it comes down to I enjoy helping people, I enjoy spreading the things that I’m passionate about, it’s just currently I just get so easily stuck in these ruts of it not feeling like I’m going to enjoy it. I was so stressed before my presentation at the Art of Retreat. It was just destroying me and I knew perfectly well that I would have a fun presentation and I knew perfectly well that people were going to learn stuff from it, but what I don’t think that I understood was that I was going to have that much fun doing it because I don’t know. It all just felt like a drag. It all just felt like, oh, this is just more ways to not meet either my expectations or other people’s expectations. There isn’t particularly an answer to it.

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