Alan Tran: Journaling, reflection and looking ahead

Welcome to the Movers Mindset podcast where I talk with movement enthusiasts to find out who they are, what they do, and why they do it. Alan Tran joins me in this episode for an in-depth discussion of Journaling, reflection and looking ahead. Alan Tran is a parkour coach and collaborator from Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s the founder of Enso Movement and is a director for both the Art of Retreat and the United States Read more…

Play – with Kel Glaister

Kel Glaister, is a Parkour coach and movement enthusiast. In this conversation with Craig Constantine, Kel discusses how cultural and environmental differences can influence how people approach movement. Kel notes that there are definitely cultural differences in how people approach and think about movement, and that the availability of training spaces and the type of obstacles present can also influence how people move.

Challenge – with Seth Ruji

Craig and Seth Ruji discuss the mental aspects of their movement practice. Craig mentions a previous conversation where they discussed the mental side of their practice, and expresses interest in hearing Seth’s thoughts on the topic. Seth notes that discipline and planning are important factors in their training, as well as pushing themselves with challenging scenarios that they are not yet comfortable with. He also mentions the importance of being able to identify their strengths Read more…

Perspectives – with Robbie Corbett

Robbie Corbett is known for many things. In this conversation, Craig talks with Robbie about a recent passion-project which Robbie has dreamed of for many years. Robbie describes Pop Up Parkour, a construction project that creates temporary parkour spaces for schools and communities. He discusses his passion for parkour and how the Pop Up Parkour project came to be. He also talks about the challenges of creating a space that accommodates people of all sizes Read more…

Ryan Mallon: Bushwacking, Parkour and making your own path

Ryan Mallon is a parkour athlete, coach, rock climber, and general outdoorsman. His personal journey includes being an American Parkour sponsored athlete, and an APK ambassador. He’s coached state champion and regional-placing gymnasts, and has competed in World Chase Tag USA. More recently, Ryan spends much of his time in the beautiful mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina, hiking, climbing, and photographing nature.

Investigation – with James Adams

Craig and James Adams discuss their shared interests in programming and systems building. James explains that he enjoys using programming as a tool to improve productivity and analyze data. He describes his work with, where he uses programming to help improve the training methods and techniques used by Parkour practitioners. He also discusses his interest in research and data analysis, and mentions some research papers he has written on topics related to Parkour.

Christian Anderson: Exploration, influences, and creating

Christian Anderson’s unique interests are wide-ranging; from martial arts and weapons training, to parkour, to art, to creating his own weapons and training set-ups. Christian shares his inspirations and process for learning and creating. He discusses teaching, landscape architecture, and his specific influences and role models. Christian unpacks his personal martial arts, weapons, and movement practices, and how all of them are creatively interconnected.

Incomplete – with Janne Laurila

This conversation between Craig and Janne Laurila is about the connection between movement and change. Janne discusses how his perspective on movement shifted from a focus on improving physical abilities to a focus on adaptability and flexibility. He also discusses how movement can be used as a tool for dealing with change in life, and for personal growth and development.

Longevity – with Bryce Clarke

In this conversation, Craig talks with Bryce Clark about the experience of practicing Parkour in New York City. Bryce describes the city’s variety of design and how it offers many opportunities for Parkour enthusiasts, as well as the challenges that come with constantly changing spaces. They also discuss the potential for improvement in some areas of the city. Join them as they explore the world of Parkour in the Big Apple.