Ryan Mallon: Bushwacking, Parkour and making your own path

Ryan Mallon is a parkour athlete, coach, rock climber, and general outdoorsman. His personal journey includes being an American Parkour sponsored athlete, and an APK ambassador. He’s coached state champion and regional-placing gymnasts, and has competed in World Chase Tag USA. More recently, Ryan spends much of his time in the beautiful mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina, hiking, climbing, and photographing nature.

Christian Anderson: Exploration, influences, and creating

Christian Anderson’s unique interests are wide-ranging; from martial arts and weapons training, to parkour, to art, to creating his own weapons and training set-ups. Christian shares his inspirations and process for learning and creating. He discusses teaching, landscape architecture, and his specific influences and role models. Christian unpacks his personal martial arts, weapons, and movement practices, and how all of them are creatively interconnected.