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We explore themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence through podcasts, website content, and a community of like-minded people. In the podcast, Craig interviews movement enthusiasts to find out who they are, what they do, and why they do it. This podcast focuses on the journey of self-improvement and its underlying motivations, as well as movement’s fundamental place in society.

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067. US Parkour Association (part 1 of 4): Board members, introductions, and passion

067. US Parkour Association (part 1 of 4): Board members, introductions, and passion

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The first in a four part series about the United States Parkour Association, the national governing body for parkour in America, this episode introduces each of the five members of the transition board. Each member discusses their background and why they are involved and passionate about USPK.

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Hero Forge, Episode 13: Olivia Ephimiou and Dana Klisanin

For the first time on ‘The Hero Forge’ I am delighted to welcome two fascinating guests onto the same call. First we have Olivia Ephimiou who is a researcher at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Olivia has an enduring interest in the everyday heroism movement and the hunt for what she calls the ‘heroic gene’.

My second guest is consciousness hacker, futurist, and CEO of Evolutionary Guidance Media, Dana Klisanin. Dana’s work explores how we can use information technologies and the new media to promote human wellbeing and flourishing.

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063. Dan Edwardes: Full Transcript

Craig: Welcome to the Movers Mindset podcast, where I interview movement enthusiasts to find out who they are, what they do and why they do it. In this episode, Dan Edwards explains the value of playing games and unpacks what motivates him. He discusses the struggle of choosing where to spend your time and energy and the difficulty of distractions. Dan shares his insights on parkour’s relationship to efficacy, and the power and importance of storytelling.

Craig: But first, do you know that our website also has answers to training-related questions from athletes? Is there a specific athlete you’d like to hear from? Reach out to us on social networks or email Hello, I’m Craig Constantine.

Dan: Hi, I’m Dan Edwards.

Craig: Dan Edwards is a parkour teacher, leader and the co-founder and CEO of Parkour Generations and creator of the international ADAPT qualifications. He has helped to teach and spread the benefits of parkour to thousands of people across the education, fitness and sporting communities. Dan speaks regularly at major events across multiple continents and has a deep interest in human potential and the search for self-knowledge. Welcome, Dan.

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Hero Forge, Episode 11: Michelle Werning

Michelle Werning is the Chairwoman of The Hero Construction Company. She is a regular Hero Roundtable contributor and has presented at multiple TED Talks events. She offers compelling proof that we can forge powerful and meaningful lives from even the most tragic of beginnings. Michelle is a key figure in the everyday hero movement and has been a major influence in my own work in this arena.

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Hero Forge, Episode 10: Kristina Palten

Kristina Palten is a World record holding ultra-distance runner and a woman who believes in ’the beauty that happens when people authentically connect’. In October last year she decided to challenge her own prejudices about the ordinary people of Iran by running the width of the country unaided; a feat which took her 58 days. The resulting documentary, ‘Alone Through Iran: 1144 miles of trust’ is soon to be released (as of April 2017) and the trailer has already gone viral on social media with more than 16,000,000 views to date.

In this episode Kristina and I chat about the impulse that led her to undertake her remarkable journey, the resistance she met along the way, and what she in fact experienced once she was running through a land, not able to speak or read a word of Persian, and subject to the strictures of Sharia laws.

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Hero Forge, Episode 9: Parkour as an Heroic Path

In this conversation I chat with Dan Edwardes, founder of Parkour Generations, about parkour as a training discipline which is perfectly suited to developing the skills, attributes and mental resilience needed to be of service in the world. The interview includes a 25 minute excerpt from a wider conversation with members of the London parkour community, who had just survived a 9 hour ‘night mission’ shaped around Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

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