What is this?

Movers Mindset is a project that examines the nature and philosophy of movement. We deliberately avoid the flashy, superficial aspects of movement, focusing instead on the journey of self-improvement and its underlying motivations. We explore themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence through podcasts, website content, and a community of like-minded people we call the Movers Mindset Insiders.

In podcasts, Craig interviews movement enthusiasts to find out what they do, why they do it, and how their perspective is unique. We also invite and post written contributions from individuals in the global community.

Who are we?

We are four friends who recognize the value of self-directed, challenging movement. We want to capture and share ideas in a lasting way and promote a growth mindset.

How can I contribute?

Contributors pick which questions they want to answer, and we do not edit what they write. You can use the contact form below to contribute. Simply put your writing, including which question(s) you are answering, in the form. You can also ask questions in the form, and we’ll respond by email.

The Contributing Your Writing page includes more details.

Become an Insider

We have a collection of additional perks we think you’ll find valuable! Read about becoming an Insider…

Insiders can interact directly with the podcast guests. Many of the podcast guests are active in the Insiders community, (since we invite all of them to be free members for life.) We regularly collect follow-up questions and solicit ideas for future guests giving the Insiders the opportunity to personalize the podcast.

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