058. Georgia Munroe: Goals, Ninja Warrior, and coaching

058. Georgia Munroe: Goals, Ninja Warrior, and coaching

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Georgia Munroe explains her interest in music and how that relates to her parkour practice, as well as how she became interested in parkour. She discusses the challenges and goals she is working on, before sharing her experiences with motion capture and Ninja Warrior. Georgia unpacks her thoughts on coaching, her personal journey of improving as a coach, and how coaching has affected her own parkour practice. 

Show notes…

  • Hobbies and Music: How do hobbies inform her movement practice? Music plays a role, through rhythm, beat, and pattern. Flowing by listening to her movements, keeping time, making sounds
  • Parkour Backstory: Where were you before parkour? An old diary records that time. Background in many sports, but not fitting into societal norms for a girl or boy. Discovered parkour through internet videos and video games
  • Current Struggles: What are some current struggles? Growing into parkour and what it actually is, facing fears, overcoming things – the more you train, the more you see what you could be, and then you want to get there. 
  • Goals: What are your goals? No goals past 1 year. Wanting to keep moving, and move more. Gain confidence to face and manage fears, deal with failure, trying to be the best. Learn ways to face fear, accept help, mental process and questions, self talk  
  • Motion Capture: Experiences with Motion capture? Explain the process, recognizing yourself and your movement in the actual avatar. Strangely personal, but also a disassociation.
  • Ninja Warrior: Experiences on Ninja Warrior? The process, mental and physical stress, overwhelming experience. Handling the stress, learning to relax into it, trying to flow, just go
  • Coaching: Differences between performing and coaching? Students: who are they, what are they bringing with them, how to help them. Managing fears and experiences, for a class, not just yourself. Effects of coaching on your own training, self management, self reflection. Differences in assisting and leading. Experiences with Level 2: anxiety, fear of failure. Her process for that, how she trained, and what she learned.
  • 3 words: Struggle, love, flying
  • Contact and further information: To find out more about Esprit Concrete on their websitefacebook, and instagram. To contact Georgia directly, you can reach her through her facebook page.

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