070. Craig Constantine: Discovery, reflection, and efficacy

070. Craig Constantine: Discovery, reflection, and efficacy

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Craig discusses the benefit of describing your practice, and why three words is an effective way to do it. He shares Movers Mindset’s three words for the whole project, and unpacks each of them. Craig explains how Movers Mindset’s three words are connected, and what they mean to the project. 

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It is a true privilege to be able to listen, really listen, to the stories of such incredible individuals that Movers Mindset brings to each episode. Everyone has a story and with so many distractions all around, it has become more difficult than ever to just sit and connect with someone for a moment. Movers Mindset shows the true value of conversation and serves as a reminder that stories, are our most powerful tools.

~ Miguel – Pieces together all things audio

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