085. Kyle ‘Just Sole’ and Dinita ‘Queen Di’ Clark: Street Dance, culture, and community

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085. Kyle 'Just Sole' and Dinita 'Queen Di' Clark: Street Dance, culture, and community

Some things go beyond a passion to become a way of life… For Kyle ‘Just Sole’ and Dinita ‘Queen Di’ Clark that way of life is street dance. They share their story; how they started dancing, their backgrounds, and their work as choreographers and professors. Just Sole and Queen Di describe their experiences with dance, from clubbing to teaching, and explain the culture  and community of street dance. They discuss family, home and travel, and how dance weaves through everything in their lives.

Kyle ‘Just Sole’ and Dinita ‘Queen Dinita’ Clark are dancers, choreographers, educators, and parents. Currently college professors, they have competed, taught, traveled, and performed together around the world for the last decade. Just Sole and Queen Di founded the “Just Sole! Street Dance Theater” company, and educational program “Funky Sole Fundamentals” to preserve the culture and styles of hip hop, funk, and house dance.

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