090. Alex Pavlotski: Ethnography, leadership, and trajectory

Movers Mindset
Movers Mindset
090. Alex Pavlotski: Ethnography, leadership, and trajectory

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is a statement that Alex Pavlotski lives by as a cartooning ethnographer. He explains ethnography and anthropology, and shares his thoughts on parkour and where it’s headed. Alex discusses leadership and his project Word Magick, as well as his goals for an illustrated thesis. He unpacks his observations on parkour practice, community, and defining our own future.

Alex Pavalotski is an anthropologist, comic artist, blogger, and parkour practitioner based in Melbourne Australia. He is the creator of Parkour Panels, a satirical comic where he discussed relevant issues in the parkour community. Alex earned his PhD in 2016, and traveled extensively while working on his thesis, training with and studying global parkour communities.

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