It lasted a little bit. I really like experimenting to find optimal solutions. That’s a big part of my parkour practice too. It’s like I find a challenge that peaks my interest and I try to find the best way for me to maneuver myself from one point to another within that… having that challenge in mind. And I can get really in depth into that where everybody else within the training group or whatever goes off and does something else and I’m like, “No, I still have to do this thing, and I can’t touch this thing because I really want to try this one movement and I don’t have it yet, so I’m going to keep going at it.” And that’s just, I think, a part of my personality.

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Parkour Vision

Yeah. So, this is why we named the organization Parkour Visions because for me one of the most powerful things for getting into parkour was how it changed my view of the entire world. I could entertain myself by just walking around in the city and imagining all the different things that I could do in those areas, and that also led me to grabbing every railing that I saw to test how strong it was, and just running my hands over the texture of different things so that I could get a feel for, “Oh, this tends to be slippery when it’s dusty. This one seems to be a lot better,” and doing those sort of things every single day no matter when it was that I went. I definitely had those thoughts of, “Well, crap. They should’ve just done this and then this railing would’ve been way, way more strong and I would’ve been able to jump on it,” even if I was just jumping on it in my head and I didn’t have time to do then, it’s still disappointing me that they just didn’t do it that way. And so having those thoughts just constantly all the time I’m sure influenced the way that I would come to design and build obstacles.

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074. Tyson Cecka: Full Transcript

Craig: Welcome to the Movers Mindset podcast where I interview movement enthusiasts to find out who they are, what they do, and why they do it. In this interview, Tyson Cecka unpacks his design process, how he began to build the parkour obstacles, and where he finds inspiration. He discusses his current plans and goals and explains why he doesn’t consider himself a great artist or creator. Tyson shares his experiences with depression, how it’s affected his life, and how he’s working through it. Hello, I’m Craig Constantine.

Tyson: Hello, I am Tyson.

Craig: Tyson Cecka is well known in the parkour community for his innovative parkour design and construction work. In addition to being an athlete and coach, a co-founder of Parkour Visions, Tyson stepped down from leadership with the organization in 2017 after 10 years as its executive director. He also started STURDYmade, an awesome online community of parkour builders involving videos, plans, reference projects and experiments. Welcome, Tyson.

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070. Three Words: Full Transcript

Craig: In each of our podcasts, we ask guests to pick three words to define their practice. Choosing the three words to describe your practice has turned out to be a much more interesting and intriguing part of the conversation than we had initially anticipated.

The word practice, for example, goes beyond movement and often evokes broader images and ideas that reflect an approach to life. The idea that parkour and movement techniques in general are more than just physical has always been behind Movers Mindset. This is why we focus on ideas and reflection, for example, rather than on flashy videos of daring movement. The deeper dive into the mindset of movers is where the real magic happens.

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