095. Howard ‘Cosmo’ Palmer: Mindfulness, intention, and cosmonauts

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095. Howard 'Cosmo' Palmer: Mindfulness, intention, and cosmonauts

Against all odds, Howard ‘Cosmo’ Palmer survived serious heart problems in his childhood to become a healthy, active athlete into his 40s. he describes his childhood health journey and its effects on his life. Cosmo discusses his thoughts on changing your habits, and his personal intentions in the world. He unpacks the meaning behind his nickname and connection to cosmonauts, and shares his heroes and inspirations.

Howard ‘Cosmo’ Palmer is a self-care, meditation, and wellness advocate. Born in Jamaica, and currently living in Colorado, Cosmo uses his mindfulness and meditation practices to balance his other responsibilities: engineering, parkour, and yoga. He is passionate about helping others improve their lives through intentional, peaceful daily actions.

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