097. Kyle Koch: Training, nature, and tracking

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097. Kyle Koch: Training, nature, and tracking

Going to a gym doesn’t cut it for Kyle Koch; His movement is guided by being in nature and responding to his environment. He recounts his movement journey from beginnings to rediscovery, and explains his current training. Kyle shares his insights on learning to interact with the environment, and seeing others begin to train outside. He discusses the nervous system, the importance of training in nature, and his inspirations.

Kyle Koch is a former IT software technician turned nature nerd. He has been facilitating transformative experiences in nature for almost a decade: inspiring youth and adults to connect to their gifts through exploration, play, and curiosity. Kyle is always expanding his practice through the study and application of: functional neurology concepts, traditional strength training, martial arts (Systema), and meditation and breathing (Wim Hof Method). When not teaching or facilitating, you can find Kyle exploring ways to deepen his connection with himself, others, and the Earth.

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