Special Interest Groups

Blake: And it’s the people that feel passionate or have a vested interest in those projects that, or those topics, that have … are going to be doing the legwork. And so we’re able to tap into the experts, we’re able to tap into the people that are motivated to do research, and that’s how things are done well.

Craig: So that’s … I kind of cut you off, but that’s … The special interest groups is one part, and then the other side is the committees are the other major part.

Blake: So the committees are what’s going to bring the information from the SIGs to kind of voting and to decision making from a national governing body perspective. And that’s where the final decisions are made, but it’s with a lot of grassroots information and involvement and support that those decisions happen.

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Small scale things

Mark: One of the things that I am almost certain will be, if not the first special interest group will be people who are interested in competition in parkour. And I think that there will equally as quickly be a group of people who are interested in not having competition in parkour. And I think that both of those voices and perspectives are very important. And so I’m actually hoping that those will be two of our first special interest groups because I feel that to make a balanced outcome, we need to have both sides or not that they’re just two sides, but we need to have many perspectives and we need to have many voices to form a whole opinion. We can’t form a whole opinion with only one side of an issue that people feel strongly about both sides. So I would see that as a specific example of a special interest group.

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073. USPK Part 3: Full Transcript

Craig: Welcome to the Movers Mindset podcast, where I interview movement enthusiast to find out who they are, what they do, and why they do it. This episode is part three of a four-part series on the United states parkour association. (USPK for short). In this episode, the transition board shares USPK’s funding model, and where the money is coming from. They explain committees, and special interest groups, the difference between the two, and their role in the organization. The board also discusses the importance of USPK even for people who feel that parkour does not need governing, and how to get involved, and have your voice heard. But first, the Movers Mindset community is designed to be used with keyboards and big screens. It’s designed to give you the physical and mental space to read, to think, and to create considered replies. You can discover or come back to content form years past – they’re exactly where you’d expect them to be; I’m interested in discussing everything related to independence, self-direction and human excellence. Are you? Visit moversmindset.com/community. 

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