Christian Anderson: Exploration, influences, and creating

Movers Mindset
Movers Mindset
Christian Anderson: Exploration, influences, and creating

Christian Anderson’s unique interests are wide-ranging; from martial arts and weapons training, to parkour, to art, to creating his own weapons and training set-ups. Christian shares his inspirations and process for learning and creating. He discusses teaching, landscape architecture, and his specific influences and role models. Christian unpacks his personal martial arts, weapons, and movement practices, and how all of them are creatively interconnected.

Christian Anderson is a parkour coach, athlete, teacher, martial artist, and movement artist. He created his own parkour teaching program, pursues weapons training, and is an artist in other mediums, including drawing, music, videos, and bladesmithing. Christian earned his bachelors in Landscape architecture at North Carolina A&T University.


Learning and creating


  • Moods, ADHD; doing many things, following interests
  • High value targets, interim “break” projects
  • Recharging focus, splitting attention to avoid burnout


  • Go to the woods; relationship with greenways
  • Hiking (to disappear into the woods), being alone
  • Driving at night, road trips
  • Anime convention road trip story, staying awake

American Rendezvous

  • Working with other coaches, no need for extra exotic
  • ARDV stories

Coaching children

  • Kids unconscious attitude towards moving
  • Learning by absorbing, but keeping focus
  • Connecting to kids interests to motivate them
  • Spirit is easier for kids, adults tend to analyze

Samurai movies

Landscape architecture

  • Seattle, Freeway Park, Lawrence Halprin
  • Mother’s gardening planted a seed
  • Interest in making things, switched from engineering to landscape architecture – checked all the boxes

Role models

  • Innate curiosity, supported by his mom
  • Brother, playing football, learning the love of training
  • Uncle working around the house, fixing things, usefulness
  • Absorbing his surroundings
  • Rabbit aside

Practices, visualizations, mantras

  • Vision board and posters; imagery is important
  • Outlining inspirations for training, design, and more
  • Finding role models in fictional characters, but something to live up to

Creating space

  • Supporting your training with your life and vice versa
  • Inspiring people to create their own space
  • Mom’s garden as her space; Guerrilla Gardening TEDxTalk
  • Personal spaces of forest oasis nesting spots

Underrated Martial arts

  • Ninjutsu historical background
  • Throwing weapons and shuriken


  • Japan, Eastern Africa, Brazil, exploring food, weapons, culture
  • Much exploration through martial arts
  • Learning about culture through their weapons and martial arts

Martial arts resources

3 Words

  • Insatiable, balance, exploration

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