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Movers Mindset
Dani Almeyda and Tim Anderson: Original Strength, mission, and synergy

‘Peanut butter and chocolate’ perfectly describes Dani Almeyda and Tim Anderson’s working relationship, and why they’ve successfully built a business together. They discuss Original Strength, what it takes to work with someone for 10 years, and why they remain passionate about their work. Dani unpacks her work with the Women’s Movement Collaborative, and Tim shares his process and influences. They explain their beginnings as OS, how they’ve grown, and what motivates each of them personally.

Tim Anderson is an experienced fitness professional, writer, speaker, and former fire fighter. He has over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, and is the co-creator of the Original Strength System and Original Strength Institute. In addition to fitness, he has authored and co-authored over 5 books. Tim’s methodology is centered on one key principle; we are meant to feel good and be strong throughout our lives.

Danielle Almeyda is a fitness professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. She is a the co-creator of the Original Strength System as well as the Original Strength Institute, and the founder of the Women’s Movement Collaborative. Dani’s passion lies in helping people reclaim their movement and their hope.

Highlight [0:00]

Introduction [1:09]

Synergy [3:11]

  • Complimentary strengths; Dani is ideas, Tim is execution
  • Origin story; Sweatshirt gift and loyalty
  • Differing approaches, but values and purpose align
  • Working together for over 10 years, how they work
  • Knowing each others style, bouncing ideas, back and forth

Purpose and mission [18:10]

  • Client perceptions; simply being themselves, compassionate
  • Goal: movement and hope; lifestyle and mindset
  • Shifting the lens from ‘fitness’ to feeling good, being capable
  • Tim’s connection between physical and mental health, ability to be your best
  • Dani’s growth, pushing past doubt or competition, self awareness

Focus [29:15]

  • Dani is always thinking ahead, new ideas
  • Less fitness, more wellness, movement – holistic
  • For Tim, it’s all the same, extensions of the foundation – all his focus stays there
  • Started with movement, but now teaching coaches, interns, publishing, online training and consulting, but all “on mission”

Questions for each other [35:21]

  • Women’s Movement Collaborative, Dani’s project, seeing and filling a need
  • Connecting people, sharing experiences, collaborating
  • Sparking new directions
  • Tim’s motivation and approach
  • Allowing space for new ideas, showing up

Conversation space [40:14]

  • Wanting the mics…
  • Asking the right questions; publicly sharing
  • Vulnerability, challenging each other, relatability
  • Looking ahead, what’s next, watching each other grow

Teaching and experiencing [48:15]

  • Experiential teaching over explanations every time
  • creates trust, rapport
  • Your body is the best teacher

Influences and Journey [51:48]

  • Tim’s influences; all based on kindness
  • John Brookfield (creator of battling ropes) and Dan John
  • Taking him under their wings, caring and showing kindness
  • Dani’s parents’ role in her life, coaches, husband
  • Learning from example of both good and bad
  • Small moments of learning

Women’s Movement Collaborative [1:03:47]

  • Women’s spaces; collaboration, participation, intentional changing of the typical space
  • Caitlin Pontrella’s guidance
  • Creating a space of equals sharing, changing terminology
  • Spark storm structure, creating connection, sharing

Recharging [1:10:08]

  • Tim’s work is his recharge; he loves what he does
  • Taking walks, training, and alone time
  • Dani’s injury, riding her bike, chickens, gardening
  • Major recharge; going to the woods, being outside

COVID effects [1:13:53]

  • Used the time wisely, working behind the scenes
  • Technology vs in person, struggle vs opportunity
  • Focusing on opportunities that the pandemic brought
  • Huge learning experience, growth

3 words [1:18:30]

  • Dani: Simple, compassionate, holistic
  • Tim: ‘Movement heals you’ or ‘yes you can’

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