Jim Bathurst: Coaching, self-awareness, and getting started

Movers Mindset
Movers Mindset
Jim Bathurst: Coaching, self-awareness, and getting started

When Jim Bathurst first began his fitness blog in college, he never imagined it would lead to a successful career as a personal trainer and coach. He shares his journey from athlete to coach, and how he approaches helping people. Jim discusses setting and achieving goals, recharging his energy, and music. He reflects on changes with Beast Skills and Nerd Fitness, and recent challenges he’s faced.

Jim Bathurst is an acrobat, weightlifter, personal trainer, head of Fitness at Nerd Fitness, and the creator of Beast Skills. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA and has been coaching people for 15 years now. During that time, he received the award of Best Personal Trainer in Washington DC, as well as the award for Best CrossFit Gym while he was Director of CrossFit Foggy Bottom. Jim brings his experience in gymnastics and calisthenics to his work outs and tutorials, breaking down difficult bodyweight exercises into manageable progressions.

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