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Women's Parkour Movement - with Alice Popejoy, Gabby St. Martin, and Adrienne Toumayan

Since 2010 the Women’s Parkor Movement annual gathering has brought practitioners together from across the globe to share their voices and their movement with one another. From teaching workshops and sessions to designing the t-shirts and posters. It is an event conceived organized and executed by women within the community every step of the way.

Previously known as the North American Women’s parkor gathering, it’s the same ideas just with a different name. In addition to the new acronym — WPKM — there’s also a new domain name…

It’s free to attend, but please SIGN-UP

Find WPKM on IG @womensparkourmovement

Order T-shirts…

T-shirt designed by Marthe Dahlin, on IG @marthemakes

Direct donations link

We also mention several articles by Adrienne Toumayan…

And articles by Alice Popejoy…

Transcript for “Women’s Parkour Movement – with Alice Popejoy, Gabby St. Martin, and Adrienne Toumayan”

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