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Adam Dipert: Space juggling, physics, and changing your perspective

Adam Dipert is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Physics at North Carolina State University and has wowed audiences as a professional circus performer for nearly twenty years. He started studying human movement in weightlessness in preparation for his first parabolic flight in 2016, and since then he has logged countless hours exploring the frontiers of microgravity flow in pools, aerial harnesses, flotation tanks, wind tunnels, and airplanes. In addition to developing a new suite of dance moves for outer space, he has exercised remarkable restraint not asking NASA for permission to spin fire on the ISS.

And you’ve become only eyes, because you now no longer have a way of sensing where your body is. And not only do you only become eyes, but you’re also experiencing tunnel vision. And so when you enter weightlessness, and start to develop the skills which will be necessary to become a competent movement artist in that environment, you have to first figure out how to re inhabit your body and how to come back from just being eyes and realize that you have a head and find out where your arms are, and have some idea about where your arm is, say when it’s behind your back because, you know, right now on Earth, probably everybody listening to this is on earth, waving your arm. Yeah, you put your arm behind your back and and what is it that tells you where your arm is? It’s the tension in your shoulder, right? It’s the torque in your arm, elbow. It’s it’s a lot of things that are all gravitationally oriented. And so you have to come with a totally new set of skills.

~ Adam Dipert

This episode is far out, and far ranging. Adam and I managed to coordinate a recording session with little advanced notice… and then we proceeded to go wide and deep on circus stuff, juggling, physics, mathematics, and movement in weightlessness.

Finally, since I clearly cannot cram the visuals into the audio, you simply must float over to Adam’s web site:

Transcript for Adam Dipert: Space juggling, physics, and changing your perspective.

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